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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on this forum.I have been gathering information and taking control of my health. I have now seen my NHS endo 3 times since January and he has been fantastic. I asked about T3 and he agreed. I have been taking T4/T3 for 3 weeks and feeling the best I have been for over a year.He still says it needs a 'bit of fine tuning' and he will write out to me after more bloods are taken on Monday.

Thank you all.

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Ah bless you, that's great news! :-)

Wow, that sounds like some NHS endo, 3 times since January and fantastic too. Most people are lucky if they can manage once in 6 months with a lousy endo. I hope your endo is on the "good list", where is he?


2 questions....! :)

Please can you email me with the details of your Endo....

Please can we use your quote 'I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on this forum. I have been gathering information and taking control of my health.'

We need quote like this for our Annual Report, for funding applications, in our member magazine, on leaflets etc...?

It can be anonymous, under your HU name, or even under your real name if you would like. :)

It is very important for us to be able to show that we are helping people in a 'real' way! :)




where can i find the good list of endo plz


If you e-mail Louise Warvill at Thyroid Uk, she has the list.

Email me -



Louise, you have helped me in a very real way, so if you need more quotes or stories I'd be happy to write something

Brill! :)

Can you drop a line to, Lyn is the better one to talk to about what might be helpful for us - thanks! :)



Of course x

Hi Valarie

He is based at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.I feel so lucky to have seen him.How do I add him to this good list?He definitely deserves to be on it.

Hi yvee,

Could you PM me their details please?

I'm in Scotland also and saw a well known Endo in Edinburgh privately, who gave me a little T3 as well as T4 and is convinced I'm optimal despite ongoing symptoms. I've been self-medicating on much more T3 (whilst monitoring a bunch of stuff) and am starting to feel improvements.

Could you let me know how much T3 and T4 your Endo has put you on? Trying to figure out if he's open to prescribing higher doses of T3 and entertains the concept of Thyroid Hormone Resistance.



Hi.Be happy to PM you but not sure how to do it! lol.

Click on the person's name - next to their pic.

Then on 'send a message'.

Simples! :)


Congratulations ! I have also been been gathering notes and asking questions since diagnosed with underactive in December 2013, first endo was a professor and dismissed me and my symptoms ! I am now seeing a fab team of endos at Salford hospital manchester and like u have just stated using t4, I see mine every 4 weeks, my faith has been restored in the nhs!!

Good luck with your fine tuning .


Like you, my faith has been restored in the NHS. What a difference it makes when you feel listened to and believed.

Brilliant! The feeling that your endo listens and will work with you has to be the number one wish for all thyroid folks I'm also one of the lucky ones who is taken seriously. Hope your current good feeling continues.

Thanks. I hope this good feeling continues. I'm liking it! Seems so long ago that I felt as happy as this. Glad to hear you are taken seriously too.I feel for everyone else who is not.The battle is difficult enough.

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