T3, I am begging you!

T3, I am begging you!

I've finally declared to myself, as no Endo or GP I go to will listen to me, that I need and have always needed T3 or Amour or NDT. The question is HOW do I get this?? I have been to so many doctors (those caught in a sad time warp of thyroid treatment!) SO anyone in know of any doctor in the NW London (Or any London area) who is aware and open enough to prescribe these?? Must I go private and pay a fortune?? And finally if so, who would you recommend. Come on Thyroid UK< I am sick of being sick and 17 years of suffering is enough, now isn't it?? Until these Doctors get off their high and mighty thrones about what they learned in Medical School....I am just getting sicker and sicker from their so called "right care"! I have shingles as we speak...not nice but then what do you expect with a broken immune system which needs T3 to work right?? HELP!

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Go to my integrative Doctor in Winchester - he has a clinic in London but I don't know how often - see my post of a couple of weeks ago Hooray! Yippee etc" He is not expensive and he sorted me out in one fell swoop let me know if you want more info XX

hello sheenah,

please share dr info for t3.


you can buy online without script like i do - or you can pay a private GP. PM me if you want his details, he is in central London

Thanks Bluedaffodil, someone sent me where to buy online, but can I also have your private GP's name and number? Thanks again!

Hello Bluedaffodil,

Please share your dr details to start with t3 after dr consultation.


I bought mine from a supplier in Mexico which was pretty easy. I googled 'buy T3' and several sites popped up, so you can use the one that appeals most.

By the way, does anybody know of a GP in Northern Scotland who knows his beans? I'm a pensioner, so London is out of the question!

I would be cautious of using Google to search for meds. Word of mouth is better as there are 'copies' around. Many body-builders use T3 but I would be extremely wary of buying as they may not be up to standard.

Word of mouth might be better, but I live isolated in Aberdeenshire farmland, not seeing anybody from one week to another and never talk to another living soul for weeks on end. Actually, I think I read about the Cytomel (Cynomel?) on this site - it seems tro work alright.

When I said 'word of mouth' it was figuratively speaking as no-one who doesn't have a thyroid gland problem wont have a clue how ill some of us feel when taking medication which we are initially told will make us feel well again. Despite alternatives they will not prescribe even on a trial basis.

Anyone on the forum who has info will private message you.

When after being OK on thyroxin only for about 10 years I started to get all the symptoms of hypo and really bad, where every part of my body was affected. All they would do was test the TSH. When I could not stand it any more I had a private blood test done by one of the labs recommended by Thyroid UK.. My T3 was below range but when showing it to my GP he said they take no notice of T3. So I went to a private doctor who prescribed T3. When my doctor and endo found out they were enraged, but could not stop me. For 12 years they complained about me taking T3 (despite a marked improvement in my wellbeing) yet nobody in the NHS tested my T3. But even when doctor did ask for one and highlighted in yellow that I was taking T3 it still was not done. One day some bright spark in the endo department decided that he would prove to me that I did not need T3, and finally got my T3 tested. Result, it proved to them that I did need it.

Thanks all, endless amount of times we have all heard the same thing, over and over, can't lose weight, feel like crap and so on and so forth on T4 only. It is an insult really to have to put up with so much ignorance in the medical world, while we suffer endlessly!!!!!!

Now about to embark on New way forward! Decided the Naturopath who has me on all the glandulars from Nutri West are doing me no good what so ever! I have scanned about T3 on Amazon and found Paul Robinson's books...which have rave reviews. One is called "Recovering With T3" and the other is his latest all about Adrenal Fatigue and recovering from that called," The CT3M Handbook: Recovering Adrenal Health Using the Circadian T3 Method". I did a free workshop about Hashi's online last night and the one thing which stood out for me was PARASITES in the stomach and intestines which us who have Hashi's most certainly have! YUK! But this makes sense as to why I am feeling so unwell. So I found a total cleanse kit on there and looks like it is all natural but will get rid of the blighters and just maybe I might get my life back! I realize I must now take my own health into my own hands. Also going to get Dr. Peatfield's book: " Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy: The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive it "- Barry Durrant-Peatfield In all the entire investment on Amazon is £72. now that is a lot less then I have paid any Doctor, either Naturopath, or for supplements. I will get some T3 and start myself on it or finally book in for £186. to the Dr. from Winchester who comes to Cavendish Sq. in London every Wed. Either way, I am fed up with being sick! No more wasting time and money with promises that just do not work, at least for me they don't.


I was just reading your post from 2 months ago.

Do you mind me asking the name of the total cleanse kit for the intestinal parasites. Did you get it and did it work?

I have just had a stool test done and it shows I have parasites.

I am hypo and suffer with constipation but a couple of times a month I get bouts of nausea and then go to the loo and I am loose.

I was told this is maybe because of the parasites so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

How are you feeling, do you feel better with T3?

Thank you browny

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