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Serum free triothyrine level 3.25 ( 3.1-6.8 )                                                           Serum t4 level 21.6 ( 12.0 -22.00).                  Tsh level above range 5.0 ( 0.27-4.2) outside reference range .... This was on 4th April ... 125 mg one-150 another what is happening ??? Thanks still taking 125 now and feel hyper !!! 

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  • It was 17 and 3.3 few weeks early !!! ... Not converting ??? Feel my adrenals ??? 

  • Hi Chris1961 , what do you mean when you say you feel hyper? I think people may be able to help you more if you describe your symptoms. Your bloods seem to indicate that you are UNDER medicated. I don't know enough to comment on that but I remember you saying that you are menopausal and yes our adrenals can struggle to cope with menopause apparently so maybe it would be an idea to get your sex hormones and adrenals tested if you haven't already. Are you sure your symptoms are not hypo symptoms? Anxiety and insomnia are hypo and so are palpitations, a lot of the symptoms of hyper and hypo are similar. I'm sorry you seem to be really struggling lately, I hope you get a break soon x 

  • I just don't feel well .gad bloods done today .. I feel something is stopping my thyroid work !!! .. I shake a lot and have really bad anxiety which has altered from depression. !! Let you know thanks 

  • When we are hypo, and there is no doubt on those figures that you are, our adrenals try to make up for the lack of thyroid hormone by pumping out cortisol. All your symptoms are consistent with raised cortisol.

    You really need a 24 hour cortisol test which you can get on discount via TUK. 

  • New results today omg !!! .............t4 .. 31.2 !! , tsh 0.05, t3 .. 5.05 !! Told go down to 100 !!! 

  • Been on 125 

  • T3 too ??? 

  • Can someone help .... Doctor said my cortisol was normal it was 420 at 9 am !!! ... Am going down hill fast , can't eat for days ... Not sure what it is !!! 

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