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Nutri Adrenal Extra (NAX)......Help with Arthritis


I have been taking NAX (recommended by Dr Peatfield)...My Cortisol and ACTH were both very low.  I have been taking x 2 daily, but have become more anxious therefor, I am going to try a different product (without as much adrenaline in).  

However, Taking these tablets (x 2 per day) really did help my Arthritis..........I am taking one NAX per day now...) but my Arthritis is not too good. 

Dr P did say that these tabs will help with my Arthritis.  What do I do now? Is it worth trying the low dose of Nutri Adrenal (Not the NAX) ?

regards Booblet

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I think it's to do the amount of high inflammation associated with Arthritis.

Inflammation is ok in small amounts as is a healthy response to cuts and infection but too much is counterproductive as will increase cortisol levels so compromising the adrenals.

That is why those of us with Hashimotos are encouraged to keep thyroid antibodies low.  I don't have Arthritis but it must be the same and although Osteoarthritis doesn't have antibodies, it can still be inflammatory but in a different way to Rheumatoid Arthritis (which has antibodies).

Inflammation will suppress the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis, disrupting the production and regulatory mechanisms of thyroid hormones. It also decreases the number and sensitivity of thyroid hormone receptors and conversion.

Nutri Adrenal is a less potent version of NAX so may be more beneficial. Some members have found Adrenal Cortex Extracts good as don’t contain the adrenaline found in glandulars which gives rise to anxiety in some.


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Hi boo let

I know it's a long time ago you posted

May I ask how you got in with the lesser NAX?

I'm about to take it, via Dr Peatfield, I've taken nothing before for adrenals

J x


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