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On the Up here too!! on Nutrithyroid & Nutri Adrenal Extra


I just wanted to report that I am feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on Dr P's protocol as in title. I have finally had energy to fill in my profile if you care to read.

I am doing much more round house and able to go shopping for a bit. Cook dinner most of time etc etc.

6 weeks ago I couldn't stand up in Library for more than 15 mins. I had to lay down for majority of day and cried on sofa at night I felt so chronically fatigued.

I still have many symptoms, some new, but in main I can do alot more.

I am taking:

Vit d3


Nutrithyroid x 4

Nutri Adrenal Extra x 4

Pluse a few other vits

I have been on this regime since August 5th. If 10/10 was normal and being able to exercise, I am now about 5/6 rather than 3/4 and feeling like I was slipping away from the world.

Onward and upwards so I can get my life back hopefully.


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Really pleased for you Cat. That's great to hear. Your heading in the right direction :-) x


Thanks Pink. Hope u

You are well. X


So glad you have found something to help you. Well done. :-) :-) Alison


Congrats!!! You're on a course of treatment I would quite like to far my GP wont even refer me if I offer to pay. Can you give me some idea how you reached your goal? (I'm new here)


great. love and prayers xxxxxxx



I have been reading up on this (and still confused -such a complicated subject) all this year as it's the only thing been able to do what with being sofa bound.

I gave up with GP as I was sure I had thyroid problems (results abnormal and he still wouldn't' do anything) and he plus another lady GP just wouldn't do any more tests and just kept saying I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I don't want to waste a day of my life being fobbed off after having cancer last year. I just emailed Louise on Admin here and she emailed back a list of recommended Dr's/Nutritionists whom have helped others.

Saw Dr P and he was so convinced he could help me he didn't expect to see me again. It's only been 6 weeks but am def improving. I have posted daily diary to him (temps and pulse and how feeling each day). I have follow up phone con with him next Friday. he tells you all tests to get and you post results to him. He is old school, no emails or fax even! Very nice kind and considerate.

I know we shouldn't have to pay private but for sake of £175 to get diagnosed and be happy and well again for family it's worth it.

I am far off being normal yet but so much better. Hands hurt typing I will post more when get chance.



Do you have the Drs contact details. I have inflammation of the thyroid gland. I am wondering if he could help me :0) feeling so poorly, fatigued and miserable. :0(


Go to about us at top of this page. Then click on louise from admin and she will email list of specialists recommended by them.

Good luck


I'm having treatment from Dr P too. Its not an immediate miracle cure, I've spent years getting to this state of health, but sometimes its so boring!! However I am getting better and, unfortunately for my friends, I'm getting my sense of humour back. I have some much better days know and then have to rest for a morning or day, but then get back to "normal" after that. So I can imagine a time when I'll be well again.


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