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Adrenals: Nutri Adrenal Extra

Hi all I am currently taking NAX, don't feel anything and have been having terrible sugar craving for fizzy drinks! It has been about a week, I am not certain the brain fog is so bad, I don't know my days from weeks, to even important events!

Does anyone know when exactly I should feel these, I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, I still don't have any energy, I just manage to have a bath but end up out of it when I get out with my heart racing!!! as if i have run a marathon.

I am not taking any other thyroid meds as I was told to take T3, which is now out of production because a move of premises, Lord, life is a Bitch :(

Can anyone give me any suggestions or Advice

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Hi Stormx - I've been taking NAX, and the slightly less strong Nutri Adrenal (NA), for some time now. I've noticed a little improvement I think, but not a lot. I consulted a private doctor and he recommended them to me. He wanted me to take 4 x NAX per day, but I found that 4 of them made my heart race and made me feel a bit queasy. He therefore advised to try fewer of those and some NA as well - so I'm now taking 2 x NAX plus 4 x NA per day. I've been OK on that - though I'm not sure they're really helping. I've been ill for a very long time so I guess it will take a lot of time to improve my adrenals?

So, what I'm saying is, maybe you might be better with NA instead of NAX? I don't recall getting cravings for fizzy drinks but I've always had sugar cravings, and those haven't gone.

Regarding T3 is there another brand you could take? I don't know much about T3 as I'm taking NDT along with the adrenal support.



Thank you for getting back to me, I am not having any adverse reaction to the NAX at all, just wanted to know when it will kick in, still not sleeping much if any so, thats my main motivation!

I really thing I need something extra like the Adrenomax as it has more Vits



Have you had a saliva test done? I think it would be a good idea since your sleeplessness might be caused by high cortisol in which case the NAX would be contraindicated.



My Cortisol levels were, 45.2 H, what would you suggest for High Cortisol?


Why are you taking NAX ?

Did you have a blood or saliva test to indicate that you have an adrenal fatigue issue?

NAX will only help with minor adrenal issues , if you are quite low you would be much better off following the CT3M method ?

NaX shouldn't be taken after 1300


What is the CT3M method?

Yes I have taken one, and my results were erratic.



Paul Robinson is also a member of this forum :-)


Thank you Marz, reading up in it.

I already ordered T3, but its all out everywhere.

Ordered it around chrimbo, so I am waiting for an alternative.



I have ordered T3 however its all out everywhere, so I am waiting for an alternative, don't know how much good it would do as its the Spanish version, Tiromel, slow release!

I heard Cytomel was the best but they seem to be out of production at the moment.

thank you


Slow release will not be much good really , you need to flood the cells immediately to get the proper use from T3

Cytomel or Cynomel are good strengths but generic Lio can be just as good , I take a mixture of both but only coz it's easier to get different amounts by splitting the 25's and 20's rather than having to quarter or eighth the 20's by themselves to get different amounts


if you are considering CT3M you cannot do it with slow release , the hit has to be immediate :-)


Hi I was on NA and never really seemed to improve then, after shopping around a bit, I started to try Liquorice and now feel much better. I've been taking two or (sometimes) three capsules a day for a few months now but in the last week have reduced it to one a day and my adrenals seem to be holding up all right so I think they seem to be righting themselves. I'm crossing my fingers! x

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Can you let me know where I can purchase Liquorice, I live in London, so all UK suggestions Im open to



You could look at Amazon for a starter (though you might well wish to actually purchase elsewhere).




thank you, I have bought so many supplements I just want suggestion of good and certified, you'l end up spending so much money :(

I can't even imagine the money I have wasted I have cabinets full of lotions and potions :0


Good liquorice is available here:


I can recommend some of their products. For flavour rather than medicinal use. :-)



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