nutri adrenal help?

dr peatfield has told me to take 1 a day working up to 6-8 over 4-6 weeks, the problem I have is on the label it says not to be taken after 1pm I just don't understand now how to do this? I don't want to take them all in one go and in 2 weeks I have to start on nutri-thyroid, plus also my other vitimins.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me on how to do all this please? x

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  • Well I take mine like this: with breakfast, mid morning snack and at lunch. Just split the doses up. I took two Nutri adrenals at 2.30pm today and I'm dog tired right now so don't worry too much!! Lol


  • See reply below.... :)



  • thanks, i'll do it that way then, how are they doing for you? x

  • Well not obviously aware they're doing anything for me. It's not noticeable if you know what I mean. One soldiers on though :0)

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  • I keep forgetting this lol darn brain fog x

  • You just have to get used to taking a lot of pills at the same time. I've gone from someone who took nothing, to someone who takes so much they rattle. I'm currently on 3 NAX and 3 NT. I take them all at once with breakfast. They don't send me hyper and I have a feeling I could take them in the afternoon with no ill effects.

  • im taking loads as it is lol, we will rattle, have u had any good outcome yet any benefit? x

  • hi - i started in 1 in the morning, then 1 in morning and 1 and lunch, and worked up to 2 in morning and 2 at lunch; I also take 3 nutri thyroid x 3 times a day, in morning, lunch and eve. Took around 10 months to really notice a big difference, but would say to 'stick at it' as it's worth the rattling around!!


  • thanks so it do work then? x

  • It took some time for me to notice any significant improvement, but after around 6-8 months I realised that I was doing far more, waking up early feeling refreshed, and able to stay up much later in the evening; I also had lost the stone which I wasn't able to shift before. My advice would be to pay attention to how you feel and adjust upwards/downwards accordingly. at about 3m for eg I cut my thyroxine from 75mcg to 50 as I did start to feel a bit jittery. Do I feel fantastic? No. but if I think back to 18 months ago, I'm 300% better. :)

  • not sure if they will trial me on thyroxine x

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