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Can anyone please help with blood test results?!

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could help me with my latest blood test results? I'm not due to see an endocrinologist until November (I last saw him in February when he arranged the tests) and I just wanted to check they're okay. My doctor doesn't seem terribly interested and I'm a bit clueless! I'm currently on 100mcg of levothyroxine and 50mcg of Novothyral. Thanks so much. Jox

T4 - 18.9

T3 - 6.7

TSH - 0.01

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Have you got the reference ranges? Best to post them so members can see exactly where you come within the range, helps with interpretation. What is Novothyral?

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Novothyral is a combination pill consisting of both T4 & T3.

I understood it to be a complete medication so prescribing a dose of T4  (twice the amount of Novothyral) would in effect make the amount of T3 (probably) insufficient in relation to the total T4.

Perhaps an endos answer to getting around the disapproval often shown in the prescribing of T3 ? ? 


I got the Novorhyral privately though a doctor because my own doctor wouldn't prescribe T3. I'm wondering whether I should switch doses and do 100mcg of Novothyral and 50mcg of thyroxine. I think I should try and get an earlier appointment. 10 months is pretty long without any advice or anything and I am still feeling pretty terrible. Many thanks for your help. 



I do not know the exact ratio of T4:T3 in Novothyral but seem to recall 100:20. 

Swopping the meds would give you a better ratio of T3, helping to further convert the T4, so giving you another little extra T3. With the additional T3 you may find you don't actually require the second dose of 50mcg T4.

Before changing meds//dose it would be better to assess thyroid function . Can you supply ranges to your test results ? 


If you are going to swap your meds around maybe do it gradually.  Too much t3 without building it up wouldn't be good.

Jo  xx


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