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Blood test results - help anyone?

Hello again everyone! Well, I've just been given my results by my doctor. My first blood tests were done on 30th January and repeated again this week on 12th February. Readings were exactly the same, both dates.

T3 - 7.3

TSH - 0.14

Glucose - 5.8

My doctor said I'm borderline hyper! As I said in my last post I have to see the endo team on 27th to discuss if I need medication and I've just received an appointment for 18th March to see the endo surgeon! This, evidentially was advised by the consultant who did my scan to rule out anything more sinister. I don't know what he will do, maybe a biopsy?

I'm more confused than ever now, how can I feel so ghastly and yet just be borderline? If I'm not prescribed any medication I don't know what I'll do because feeling like this just isn't right.

Advice anyone? Thank you, Caz

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Hi ppcaz555 - thanks for posting your results. Do you had the ranges to go with them, as it would make them easier to interpret? Also do you have a result for T4?

The range at my lab for fT3 is 3.1-6.8, but they do all vary. If your lab has the same range as mine, that would suggest you are a bit hyper. Xx


I'm sorry, I don't have the ranges? The doctors secretary, who is very nice and helpful, just said all results were within the normal range? Is it routine to do a T4 test? What is it? She gave me all the results so maybe I haven't had one? I'm sorry to sound so stupid but I'm very new to all this and as such, don't have much idea what I'm talking about!!! Caz


Hi Caz - I think it would be with calling her back. I sounds like your range for t3 is different to mine.

Doctors usually measure TSH and then if this is out of range T4 and if this is out of range T3. T4 is a storage hormone which is converted to the active hormone T3 in the body (mainly the liver). Xx


Well I know they have tested for liver function, maybe that was T4? I wonder why she never mentioned that? Surgery will be closed now but I'll definitely ring back tomorrow. Thank you so much for your advice. Caz xx


It is always better to get a print-out of each blood test and keep a copy for your own records. You are entitled.


Hi Regarding seeing a surgeon, this is likely to be for a biopsy. When I had my ultra sound, enlarged and nodules You will also have a nuclear and Ct scan for the parathyroid. The radiologist said that I must be Hyper, actually I am Hypo! However, as said it does look as if you are Hyper. If I were you ,I would consider the other symptoms you have carefully so you can relate them. unfortunately a lot of symptoms are common with Hyper and Hypo. Even weight I am told by my endo it can be either!. Regarding the Glucose test. You need an Hb1ac test, blood for diabetes, it is more of a guide.If borderline you need to watch out for symptoms and have an annual test If GP difficult a good rough guide is a free BM ( finger prick test ) at many pharmacists. It should be under 10 ideally normal 4 to 6. of course varies wit food. Any way do not have any thing except water for a minimum of 2 hours. I was borderline for 20 years before very bad diabetes. I then discovered that I should have been on the diabetic diet. I never had sugar it is the carbohydrates and natural sugar, eg fruits ,that matter.



Thanks everyone for all your good advice.


Hiya, 15yrs ago i was tested and was boarderline hypo!

What infuriates me is that i shld'v been tested every 3mnths. But due to incompetent dr's i was left to struggle feeling dreadful, i was also a single mum bringing up my two young daughters and holding down a full time job and studying. Looking back i don't know how i did it.

My advice to you is don't let them fob you off, as i once said to a condescending endo,"you may have studied this disease but you don't suffer from it" to which he had no reply.

Im now a 45 yr old woman who now takes no crap from dr's where my health is concerned.

If you have no joy with the dr your with please find one who will listen to you. I had to see 5 dr's in my practise before one actually did her job properly! The latest medical evidence is that blood tests are inconclusive, and they shld put all your symptoms together and realise that your not well.

I now suffer from a condition called fibromyalgia, so im in constant pain, its not nice but im now qualified holistic practiotioner which has helped me enormously. I studied anatomy for 7yrs so have some understanding of how the Endocrine system shld work.

Do your home work, write down all your symptoms. I also followed the broder barnes advice and took my temp everyday for a month using a mercury thermom, as this is also an indication of your thyroid. As per usual in this country its all about the money!!!

In the states and other countries they do blood,urine, and temp.

Good luck and as i keep advising others on this site stick to your guns. Get all the info you can and when you go for your appt be armed with all your symtoms etc so when they dismiss you, you can come back with all your info and bamboozle them they have to listen to you. Its your human right.

Your health is your biggest


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