Blood test results advice please

Further to my last post regarding whether I was taking too Much thyroxine here are my latest results. According to m doctor they are perfect and whatever I am doing I should carry on. 

T4 14.5 (12.00-22.00)

Tsh 1.12 (0.40-4.00)

He said that my enlarged neck is nothing to do wh my thyroid. 

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  • Lordy40,

    You're definitely not overmedicated as FT4 is quite low in range.  Enlarged neck is often a goitre which is most definitely related to thyroid.

  • Thank you Clutter, he said whatever I was doing was perfect, and to carry on, so I'll carry on with 125mcg one day and 150mcg the next. Strange about my neck but he was adamant it was unrelated, I will keep an eye on it. I'm hoping it's sorted my periods out to normal now too :-)

  • Well did you ask him what it was, if if wasn't related to your thyroid? Does he even know where the thyroid is?  

  • I did ask him, and he said it was to do with my metabolism. No further explaination though just gave me a a list of rules to follow to lose weight, no carbs after 4 and a protein shake for lunch 

  • Sigh. I could use a very rude word here, but I would get reported!

    And what, exactly, does he think controls metabolism??? The blasted thyroid, that's what!

    No, he is definately not thyroid literate. Ignore his 'rules' for losing weight - less than useless when your T3 is low - and ask him for an increase in T4. Your FT4 is too low to give you anything much to convert into T3.

    Or, change your doctor... 

  • Lol I did think exactly like you when he said about the metabolism, like you, I thought in my head, but it's controlled by the thyroid. He was the best doctor ive seen so far!!! I thought they'd say I was taking too much as my neck is swollen. He's said my results were perfect ! 

  • well your results are in the reference range but not optimal.  T4 needs to be at the top of the range and your tsh can go down further.  Ask him about your t3 and see wht he says, even if he has heard of it.  The results must be perfect for him just because they are in range.

    Jo  xx

  • Hi Jo, 

    He had nine left the practice unfortunately as he was a locum but he did seem to show the most interest out of all the doctors I've seen over the years.  I've asked for T3 to be tested before but they won't do it. When I was taking 150mcg a day but they said that was too high . 

    Lisa xx

  • Did you feel ok on 150?  I looked back your posts and 5 years ago you were on that amount and fine I think.  Even if your t4 is high and your tsh is low and you feel good then don't change your meds just because the doctor tells you to.  It is more important how you feel than blood results. 

    You should really have a t3 test but will probably have to do it privately.  They can't dictate to you.  It is a two way thing and should reach an agreement on your meds.  Hope all that helps.

    Jo  xx

  • Thank you it does help. I will look into having my T3 tested privately. I have tried 150 a day severel times and have felt that I was more breathless though I'm still like that I might have been being paranoid I was taking too much, and larger neck and slight weight gain, my only other symptom was feeling warmer but that may have been because I had the right amount of thyroxine . My results in January this year were t4 21.2 (12-22) and tsh 0.23 (0.4-4.0) though the results maybe be wrong as I forgot to not take my thyroxine that morning as advised. 

    Lisa xx

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