Let's talk about Cushing's

Hello, everybody!First an update for anyone following me - the endo cancelled my appt and sent me back to the GP with a list of blood tests to rule out things other than hypothyroid, as my thyroid results are "normal". So they are going to do those for me, yayMeanwhile I went to see a VERY GOOD naturopath and she did something called an EIS scan which was kinda cool, it shows up imbalances in your organs by measuring your electromagnetic field.This showed "danger signals" coming from my stomach, colon, liver,kidneys, adrenals and brain and a hotspot on the top and base of my spine. My liver was particularly bad. The naturopath thinks I have some food Iintolerances and too much cortisol which is leading to toxicity and it has been made worse by my previous history of anorexia and antibiotics. She's doing an organic acids test on me and prescribing me lots of top end supplements so that's good. 

So there's the background, what I was interested to discuss is, maybe I have Cushing's? I read somewhere that having Cushing's can hide a thyroid disorder (ie make the results look "normal"). I also seem to fit with the Cushing's picture so well apart from thin skin - my skin is very thick and myxoedema-ish. 

I felt like that could make sense, but I also feel like there's a missing piece ofthe jigsaw here - why did I suddenly develop all this Iin the last year or so? Or was it happening years ago and I just didn't know? I am a mystery to myself!

So I don't even know if my thyroid is to blame anymore. If anyone has any insights or experience I'd love to hear from you, otherwise I will keep updating as stuff happens and hopefully help other people with strange "off the map" conditions!


Superparrot :)

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  • Superparrot,

    Is serum cortisol one of the tests ordered?


  • I don't think so - I should probably make a bid for that one! Thanks :)

  • Ever had your B12 checked, SP? Low B12 would also explain low thyroid type symptoms.

  • I had my B12 done a couple of months ago, it was "mid range". About 580 or something...I have been taking b vitamins like a lunatic since then lol, but perhaps it just takes ages to build up - esp as naturopath said I obviously have very poor absorption at the moment. Thanks for the heads up :)

  • I haven't had those tests unfortunately so I don't know! Getting the doctors to cooperate is like getting a jellyfish to go for a walk :'D

    Thanks for the reply.

  • it never was the thyroid..looks like your immune system has gone haywire.  I would be very leary of those tests and expensive supplements, but agree on the food sensitivities and healing your immune system.  If you have cushing's, fancy supps, will not get rid of it.  dr mark hyman has very good info on stopping autoimmunity..

  • Thanks, that is really helpful, appreciated! I will go look that up. Cheers :)

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