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cushing's syndrome


Hi again , I have sent a letter to the doctor about getting no help from he and very up set as he do not look at the bloods I had done , He just keep saying the anti body mean not a thing and it's ok and my B12 is low because I don't eat my greens , I grow my own veg all year round .He just keep saying that's fine just keep doing what I say , What is not a dame thing . Because I have been keeping on to him ,He has wrote to the hospital ,Got a letter back saying I need to be tested for cushing's syndrome now . Has anyone had this done too ???

I'M going tomorrow to get a copy of letter so may put it on here for some help again .

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Umm B12 purely comes from animal sources and have nothing to do with your greens - shows what a absolute moron he is!!!!!

Moron yes , I work that out I eat meat (roast ) What you think about the cushing's ??

I honestly don't know much about cushings apart from it would be high cortisol and don't have enough info from you to really say. However, from the sounds of it, you are going no where with this doctor and he is a tosspot so wouldn't consider anything he says to be honest. You really need a new one :-)

Just saw your B12 result - it is very under range so you are very deficient. make a formal complaint against him!!!!!!

You must get this sorted even if yourself as this is dangerous and can cause permenant damage

He said he will not do anything about the B12 and will not retest me . I am thinking about going privet

You just need to switch to another GP, he is also under-medicating you with thyroid also.

You maybe need to supplement it instead and buy your own.

ok where ? how much do take ? and the same time as my lev ?

Because you are so low, I personally wouldn't want to advise. I think you need to get properly treated by another doctor first and foremost in all your problems. Or maybe write/email to the practice manager with your result stated clearly with ranges and mentioning that your doctor will not treat nor investigate properly and you have been forced to look into matters yourself.

If you don't want to do the above, I would ask on the pernicious anaemia forum on here as they will have much better advice on what to take in your position as they are the experts in B12 deficiency. Supplements may not be enough especially if you have stomach or other problems causing the low B12.

Someone else here might have more experience than me and be able to help though?

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to nicky-nicky159

Nicky - it was suggested in your thread about 3 weeks ago what you should do about your B12

I have had some more bloods done but not sure what they was for ? going doctors tomorrow for copy of letter from hosp so will get copy of the last bloods done by him , But I remember he saying do not need a inj of B 12 .

Talk tomorrow when I have time to put the info on there ,

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to nicky-nicky159

Nicky - you need to take your B12 result over to the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum as suggested

B12 127 (140.00-724.00)

I fail to see how neither you nor your doctor cannot see that a result so far below range is not serious.

Go to the PA forum and take their advice.

Hi there,

I have pa, get shots every 12 weeks, do you eat cheese eggs milk, because as well as meat you need to eat the above, when I was 1st diagnosed my dr said it was prob coz I had not very good diet, asked me if I was a vegan, well I have always eaten dairy foods so was shocked, your dr sounds worse than mine, tell him you need to see a haematologist, I'm not experienced in these matters but found I had to insist for an endocrine app as I'm hypothyroid now as well as pa, I know how bad that can make you feel so I wish you speed and luck getting it sorted.

Also, if you email practice manager, you need to include your symptoms as pins and needles and dead legs are clear indication of B12 deficiency anyway.

I would also link the NICE B12 deficiency guidelines.

There's no B12 in vegetables - just a B12 analogue in some that the body can't use. He's thinking of folate - so he's ignorant and probably dangerous. If you are in the Uk, get the list of doctors with a clue from louise.roberts@thyroiduk,

nicky-nicky159 Testing for cushing's syndrome usually involves some blood tests. They will normally take a baseline cortisol level in the morning with a blood test at the GP or hospital. It should be done between 7-9am because that's when your cortisol levels are highest on waking. If you're taking oral corticosteroids, they'll have to take this into consideration and if you're using topical corticosteroids, my GP suggested not using them for a week before testing. Blood cortisol levels can really vary greatly and some argue aren't the best for diagnostic purposes, but it's what the NHS uses the majority of the time. For example, one of my tests was borderline for low cortisol and some would have sent me for further testing, which my GP didn't want to do, and another test was definitely well within normal.

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