Blood test results - Talk about angry

Why am I surprised.... I've just rang for my blood test results, supposed to be B12, Thyroid, Ft4 & Ft3 ....reply 'normal' !! When I asked about individual results, just told they only did thyroid. I'm picking up print out tomorrow but so angry & down.

Please can anyone send me a private message with list of endocrinologist or someone worth seeing in the Beverley/Hull areas that can give me some hope, I just can't go on like this.....

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  • If you email for a list and hopefully someone is near you. A member might also know of someone who cares enough about letting a patient trial and alternative. It has to be a private message as it is against the Guidelines to post names on the forum.

  • Thank you , appreciated

  • "normal" is a much overused word by doctors

    Lets see what tomorrow brings

    did they do




    vit d3

    by any chance

  • No just thyroid, although they promised in surgery I would have B12 , ferritin & ft3 & 4 ! Sooo down at the mo. Though I've ordered some vitamins myself can't do much about thyroid drugs myself !

  • you can simply self treat like many others on this forum do

  • Need to know more about where to get, but I've ordered some vitamins & thyroid support online waiting for delivery.

  • You can also get your own blood tests, which may work out slightly cheaper than seeing a consultant. See:

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