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How to stop seeing my naturopath without being rude?

Hiya people, brief update: went to see a naturopath, she correctly diagnoeed me with adrenal fatigue and candida and gave me HCL, enzymes, probiotics and a food plan involving lots of protein (she thought lack of protein might be raising my cortisol). She also prescribed MSM. She doesn't think it is my thyroid after all! While this is all progress, I have done the whole candida thing before with little effect, and I still feel that the root of this problem is not just a few measly gut bacteria; I have symptoms of fatty liver and cushing's, and my thyroid is obviously being affected by my adrenals. In the complex test she did it showed up a blockage in the succinate of the krebs cycle (!) and also low levels of serotonin and dopamine, slightly odd kidney function and some toxicity markers. Fun...

Anyways, I have also just had a bunch of blood tests to rule out other things, and waiting for those results, and I am thinking of going the acupuncture/chinese herb route as whatever my issue is seems to be rather complicated and multilayered, and I have family members who have had great success with similar problems this way.

So after all that fluff I have a do I say to my naturopath that I don't want to see her anymore? I feel like she Iis just going the same way all naturopaths do, eat nothing but protein and vegetables and kill candida. This is not working for me. I don't want to insult her or whatever, but it is costing me 50 quid a time which I feel could be better spent elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, she's been extremely helpful, I just think I have other options now. So is there any particular protocol for saying you would like to cease being a client, without causing a scene?? Thank you so much, I am a little uncertain over these things.


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You aren't obliged to pay for consultations you don't think are helpful and there is no reason why there should be any unpleasantness or scene if you want to cease seeing her. You can thank her for her help and say you can't afford further consultations, or be honest and say you don't think the protocol is helping any longer and you wish to explore other options, or simply don't make further appointments.


I agree with Clutter.

If you can't bring yourself to say it to her face to face or over the phone, write her a letter.


Or you could send her & polite e-mail. I'm seeing a chiropractor at the moment but if I think things aren't improving I won't have any qualms about discontinuing his service, there's no point in spending money on something that's not working for you.


Thank you for the support :)


Thanks :)


Thanks Clutter, that seems like a very balanced approach :)


I think that she seems to have done an awful lot more than any GP does... She's ruled in and out things.. We all seem to be getting no where with getting tested via GPs.. I spent money paying for the private blood yes and it's the best £100 I've ever spent.. At least I found the reason why I am not what I should be... I would say to this person that you will be looking at other ways to make your life better and you hope that she will help you out if you need it later on.. You may need this person down the line... If they ask explain how you feel stuck at this point in time and why... They will either listen and help encourage or it wont phase them... Good luck... 😊

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Yes, I think you are right, I don't want to burn any bridges and she has been very helpful. GPs seem only capable of dispensing antibiotics and snide remarks, so I was very impressed to find somebody actually nice and communicative. I really do recommend going a more holistic route, you never know what you might find out! :) Cheers


I agree with what the others said. Thank her for her help in bringing you this far, you now feel you need time (and the money) to explore other options, and you may well be back in touch later on.

You would hope that the goal of any naturopath or person involved in healthcare would be to lose patients, i.e. getting them well enough not to need to see them!


Yes, you are so right! It is like that thing where ancient cultures only paid their doctors when the patients were well, not when they were sick. If only such a system was in operation now, we would all be healthy :) Your suggestion sounds very fairly worded. Thank you!


Thanks everybody for your help. I feel much more confident about this now :)


I could not afford to keep up my treatment with a private adrenal specialist, although he was helpful and I decided the best course of action was to email him and say I could not afford to continue with the treatment, it worked.


of course I thanked him profusely for his help and guidance.


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