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Hi I havent posted properly before. Went to GPs today to get results from a scan and she started talking about fatty liver so I said that the liver doesnt work properly if the thyroid isn't working properly and that I didnt get T3 results here (UK) She was cross and said that there is a lot of rubbish being talked on the Internet now aimed at making people spend money on private medicine, test etc and it is led by people who work for the people who make the money. She assured me my thyroid was fine.

I got a print out of my bloods, however, the last one did liver function but NOT thyroid

I'm not sure what figures you would need me to post on here?

She said she's going to get me an appointment with a nutritionist despite the fact that I told her I eat a reasonably healthy diet.

Serum T4 level = 19.9 pmol

Serum TSH level = 0.1 m U/L

Comments please?


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Welcome to the forum, Myracats.

TSH is suppressed and FT4 19.9 is usually high in range. If you are taking thyroid replacement you look to be optimally dosed.

If you aren't taking replacement ask to be retested in 3-6 months in case you are becoming hyperthyroid.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.



I am on 100 mcg levothyroxine per day

I can see Folate = 8.2 ug/l

B12 446 ng/l


If you are feeling OK then your thyroid results are fine.


Well, actually I don't that's why I went to the Dr in the first place


It might not be your thyroid.

Your vitamin B12 while in range is low. You should supplement as you want it at optimal level.

I need a range for your folate result but generally the level you are at is low.

Do you have a ferritin and vitamin D test result WITH ranges as well?

BTW The NHS doesn't offer supplements to those with in range results you have to buy your own.

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Hi no, for some reason there is no result for ferratin or Vit D but last time I was there eg the previous bloods she said I should take folic acid for a while, which I did


All it says about folate is what I wrote above

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD = 89mL/s Low 90


Im actually finding these results very difficult to interpret, is that their intention?

My GP said she is very cross at the amount of people coming in after reading forums and asking about their T3 because it is rubbish


Your doctor would do well to do some reading on internet, herself! Because she knows nothing about it! T3 is made in the body by conversion from T4 - and some made directly by the thyroid gland. Why would the body make it if you don't need it? It's the active hormone, and it's low T3 that causes symptoms, not low T4 or high TSH - well, not directly, anyway. And, even though your TSH and FT4 may appear to be perfect, if you're not converting that T4 to T3, then you will stay sick! How did she ever manage to become a doctor!


So what should I do grey goose?


Well, you have several options :

a) go with the doctor you have and do as she wishes

b) find a new doctor

c) learn as much as you can about your disease and self-treat

d) a mixture of the three above.

BUT, first I would get some private labs done :






vit d

vit B12



You need the FT4 and FT3 done together to see if you're converting ok. You need the antibodies done to see if you have Hashi's (don't suppose your doctor has done those). And you need your nutrients tested because you probably have nutritional deficiencies, which will mean that your body cannot use the hormone you are giving it, and will make it very hard for you to lose weight.

All the above I've learnt from reading on the internet. Tell your doctor she could be as clever as me if she tried! lol (Only joking.)


I can't change Drs as we live in a village

I'm interested in Nat Thyroid Hormone


I don't know! I have asked for T3 with different Drs several times over the last few years. I am obese, 60 and totally exhausted. I joined this forum on someone else's advice. I eat a very healthy diet, I don't skip meals, I don't snack, I'm reasonably active, however, I do enjoy a few drinks but I don't eat white sugar or bread.

So what is it with the NHS?

I did speak to her about natural thyroid hormone a few months ago - she said she was going to read up about it. Has she I wonder?

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The NHS is controlled by Big Pharma. Big Pharma doesn't want us to get well, so they keep doctors ignorant. Doctors don't have the gumption to think for themselves.

They don't know about T3, and most won't test for it. They think it's irrelevant. They know very little about hormones, and nothing about nutrition.

Hypo weight-gain has nothing to do with what you eat. It is due to low metabolism, due to low T3. Just how many drinks do you enjoy? If you're alcoholic... well, they're usually skinny with big bellies (having known a few!) So, I don't suppose your few drinks has anything to do with your weight.

You need to take control of your own health. Even if your doctor does read up on 'natural' thyroid, I doubt she'd approve - it contains T3. But, you could buy your own... But, don't try to run before you know how to walk. Read, read, read. Learn as much as you can about your disease (something your doctor hasn't bothered to do!) and do the right tests. Take control. It's the only way, I'm afraid.

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