Blood results advice please

I have just managed to get my blood results from my Surgery but can't speak to a GP until next Friday, in the meantime I want to get myself a bit more clued up on what is what so would appreciate any advice as I really need some medication as I feel shocking! ūüė© Thanks in advance...

TSH - Jan 5.71 (fasting) Apr 5.47 (non fasting)  Range [0.35-5.0] 

B12 - 421 [130.0-800.0]

Folate 5.3 [4.0 - 20.0]

Ferritin 50 [12.0 - 250.0]

VitD 50 [30.0 - 300.0]

There are lots of other things tested but none I recognise from this forum I don't think (no T3 or T4) but maybe other relevant ones!?

Many thanks in advance... Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated

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  • Hi,

    Your TSH is above range so taking your symptoms into account your doctor should prescribe. As many doctors appear unaware of this phenomenom he might tell you that it should reach 10 before he prescribes. With a bit of luck he will prescribe levothyroxine. The usual starting dose is 50mcg with an increment of 25mcg around every 6 weeks or so.

    The following:-

    B12 - 421 [130.0-800.0]

    Folate 5.3 [4.0 - 20.0]

    Ferritin 50 [12.0 - 250.0]

    VitD 50 [30.0 - 300.0]

    are all low and others will comment on how to raise folate, etc. Usualy if Vit D is low some doctors prescribe D3.

    Vitamin B12 can be increased up to around 1,000 (the latest recommendation) by sublingual methylcobalamin B12. You cannot overdose on B12 as excess is excreted.

    sublingual are good as they dissolve under tongue and go into bloodstream quickly. Most of our stomachs are below par due to hypo.

  • Thanks, I thought they seemed low, one of the docs I spoke to did say they would likely Medicate me as I have a lot of symptoms, just didn't want to talk to them utterly clueless so Thankyou once again!

  • Tsh should be around 1 so your thyroid is having to be stimulated more to produce t4 and t3, if its able to. ¬† ¬† ¬†Without the free t4 and t3 its pretty much guesswork as to whether you have good or rubbish levels of them. ¬† ¬† ¬†Worth getting antibodies checked too...... ¬†If the thyroid cant work its good to know why.....

     B12 is in range but on the bottom end of the range, worth taking some, ferritin is a bit low....  Are you losing your hair.?  

    Doc might chose to leave your thyroid until the tsh reaches 10 if he is at all clueless or sadistic.     There are no proper guidelines so docs are floundering.    If you list your symptoms. ....  Symptom list on the main website. and request a 'trial' of levothyroxine to see if it helps resolve  symptoms.    If the doc refuses, insist on antibodies and free t4 being measured....

    Better still, get them done before you see the doc....   Details of private testing on the thyroud uk website...   That way you can point out to the doc that the frees were needed as well as the antibodies..... In order to make an informed decision.....

    Xx. G. 

  • Thanks so much for your reply, I have had a test for antibodies but result not back yet... Don't think they'll do T3 or T4 but will ask and I'll start taking D3 and B12 I think aswell, no my hair isn't falling out? But don't want it to!! Is ferritin something I can replace over the counter somehow? (Sorry clueless!) thanks again xx

  • Ferritin levels improve if you take an iron suppliment. ¬† Low ferritin ¬†can lead to hair loss...... ¬†It needs to be at least 70. ¬†


  • Thanks xx

  • Can anyone tell me what sort of dose of B12 and D3 would be good to bring my levels to a better amount please? Thanks¬†

  • If you are going to the doctor they will prescribe something. Different areas have different vitamin D protocols some of which are better than others.

    So wait until you have seen them then come back on here and report what you have been prescribed with your test results again.

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