Is this blood test a worry?

Been off carb for hyperthyroid for more than a year. All blood tests stable but recent one in March is TSH 0.05, T4 22 and T3 5.8 (last done in December 2015 when TSH 1.32, T4 15.8 and T3 4.5 and in July 2015 when TSH 0,52, T4 13.9 and T3 4.3).

Am feeling well, but anxious about results. Saw consultant today, very lovely -doesn't believe in surgery, radio-iodine or block and replace, he says to get another test in couple of weeks and if TSH and  T4 still veering lower and higher than maybe go back on carb low dose of 5mg every other day. Really think he is good, just gutted about potential changes. Have gone back on herbal medication as possible straw-clutching insurance. Has this happened to anyone else? 

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  • Tilly83, remission isn't permanent in up to 50% of Graves patients.  It does look as though you may be becoming hyperthyroid again but your endo is on the ball.

  • Thanks......have felt so lucky....

  • Ive been off the carb for 2.5 years and have recently seen my results for that time which all seem to look fairly good.When my thyroid first kicked off I made a point of trying to eat healthier and cooking from scratch. Recently my husband was diagnosed with ocular Vasculitis so I really enforced the clean eating to ensure his body was in good condition. I also found a change in attitude helped a great deal! I don't really get worked up about much these days. But I don't put up with other people's crap either! Minimising the stress really helps. How is your environment? Can you make any changes to minimise stress? Do your herbal remedies contain iodine?

  • Thanks Granitecity...... herbal remedy is anti-Graves and I had stopped taking it for a few months (as felt so well) now started again.....I do eat well, I also like wine, but not to excess am wondering if I should knock it off altogether..... stress not too bad but always important to tackle, thanks so much for getting back to me x

  • I do like my wine too 😉

    Sounds like you are doing everything right to help yourself. I'm glad you have a good consultant on your side as that can make all the difference.

  • Thank you and feel very lucky/happy I have him

  • Are you gluten free Tilly? Not saying it will help, but worth a try?

  • Thanks Silver Fairy, I am and have been since diagnosis - the rare bit of wheat be eaten when I forget - like soy sauce but on the whole stick rigidly to it and feel happy without back on herbal medication that I took for 18 months and then gave up, so hoping that tips the balance in the right direction! 

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