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Hi after having hypo symptoms for a couple of months i went to get my blood checked at my gp. She tested my tsh and t4,and told me it came back borderline. ( tsh- 5.18/t4 1.50)

i have done some research online and have discovered that she should have done more tests than the tsh,t4.

I have decided to pay to get a private blood test to get a better picture of whats going on. I'm just wondering if the test i have chosen is the right one for me.


Does anyone know if this will be adequate?


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  • What are the units? TSH may be in range , but high.No surprise there!

    The T4 would be low for the usual UK ref range in pmol/l - somewhere more between 10 to 25 mark.

    Maybe re-check ref.ranges and discuss again with GP?

    I'm waiting for results myself- adding Cortisol 9am.

    The TPO Ab level should maybe help, when known.

  • Hi,thanks for your reply.

    T4 range is 0.7-2.0 i think its free t4?

    And the tsh range is 0.5-5.5

  • That doesn't seem right for FT4 - if correct.

    Check units are pmol/l.. Mine is 12 -and I think low.

    (NB: From my notes, T4 level of 0.7 -2.1 mg/dl is in USA units, though!)

    We use SI system here.

  • Hmm thats strange about the usa units. I'll need to enquire further about that. Hopefully when i get this next test it will be more straight forward to interpret lol.

  • They do seem strange figures. It will be very interesting to see what the figures and ranges are when you get your private test results. TSH and T4 don't really tell the story.

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