Help with my results please

Help with my results please

Hi all

Please could u have a look at my blue horizon results?

I have been trying to get a trial of thyroxine after 2 early miscarriages and a TSH at 3.40 and tpoab of 339.

GP has refused treatment but a private endocrinologist recommend a trial of thyroxine.

I decided to get a blue horizon test done before I start any treatment. What do you think of my results?

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  • You managed to get the thyroxine then? Yes mine is also a trial of one month and then review after a month as I don't know what it'll do. Your results look like you are hypothyroid ?? Any one else agree? I reckon you should show this result to your GP as your TSH is raised in this result. This may change their opinion. What time of day did you do the test ?

    BTW how much is the blue horizon test?

    And how long for results ? Do you have to pay each time for tests ?

  • Yes, a trial of 25mg. I have to pay privately for the prescription.

    I think I'll show these results to my GP but not holding my breath.

    The test was £89 but £10 off with discount code.

    Posted the sample yesterday morning, got the results this evening. Amazing service.

    I did the test at 6am

  • That's sounds pretty accurate I heard its best to get nothing sample. Do you have to pay for each time you have a blood test ? Or is it a one off £89. Thinking of getting that for when I get preg.. Hopefully

  • You have to pay 89 each time but you can get cheaper tests that just do tsh xx

  • TSH above the lab range, FT4 and FT3 in the bottom half of the lab range, yes you're hypothyroid and with the positive antibodies, this is autoimmune in origin. In other words you have Hashimoto's Disease.

    Do I remember right that your GP says the NICE guidelines for TTC only apply to women already diagnosed? He's wrong, obviously, but you clearly need treatment and you might start by going gluten free to starve those antibodies out.

    Your B12 is also too low and needs to be supplemented.

  • Yes she said nice guidelines don't apply to me.

    What is the impact of the b12 deficiency? What is causing it?

  • Possibly caused by low stomach acid, which is the scourge of hypo people and stops us absorbing efficiently from food. You should be able to bring it up over 500 quite easily with sublingual lozenges, but as your level is just over 200 and we've just diagnosed you with one autoimmune disease, it might be worth reading up on pernicious anaemia as well.

    Oh and by the way, I'm a historian, not a doctor, and nothing I saying a substitute for knowledgable medical advice.

  • What's a sublingual lozenge?

  • They go under your tongue, dissolve and get absorbed through the lining of the mouth, thus bypassing the stomach. Not expensive, and very effective, but with a B12 level like yours, I think you really need to talk to your GP.

  • Thanks for all your advice. I've posted my results to my GP. I'm sick of going to the gp to be honest because it always feels like a battle and I'm made to feel like a hypochondriac.

    Any thoughts on whether gp will recognise my deficiency as something real and serious?

    Think I'm going to change doctors to see if that helps.

  • Who knows what your GP will say. Many are not interested in any result that is not outside the reference range, but you won't know unless you try. It might be worth posting that B12 result on the Pernicious Anaemia forum on here, see what the experts say.

    Oh, and you're not a hypochondriac. You're just someone trying to get well.

  • Oh you poor thing....... Your B12 is insufficient, an early stage b12 deficiency can cause miscarriage. In the full blown b12 deficiency stage it can cause infertility, my advice get it sorted before trying to conceive again. I had 5 In two years. Drs did lots of investigations and blood test but not one single b12, and then I couldn't get pregnant again, that was 8 years ago, good luck

  • Wow I didn't know that, thank you

  • Oh yeah sorry missed that one I'm only half awake that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

  • I think the "Insufficient" comment about Total T4 refers to them having insufficient blood to do the test.

  • Ah that would make sense. I'll contact blue horizon

  • I think it's just the way they measure b12 they have differing ranges, if you look again they give your actual reading as 215 which is in the insufficient range of 140-250. lower than 140 is deficient and higher than 725 you need to reduce dosage. I'm pretty sure if there was insufficient blood there would be no test result at all.

  • Oh yeah sorry missed that one I'm only half awake that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!


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