Help please with my test results

Hi just received my test results from Blue horizon today and called them up as they advised me that I should cut my NDT dose, but I feel great no heart paps !! I am currently taking 2 3/4 grain My results are as follows :-

TSH 0.005 Range should be 0.27 - 420

Total T4 122.4. Range should be 64.5 - 1420

Free T4. 19.40 Range. Should be 12 - 22

Free T3 11.48. Range should be 3.1 - 6.8

B12. 358

Feedback would be mush appreciate

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1) When do you normally take your NDT - dose and time?

2) What time did you do your blood draw?

3) And how long a gap did you leave between your last NDT dose and your blood draw?

I must admit I would think Free T3 11.48. Range should be 3.1 - 6.8 would not be tolerable for very long and you will suffer the consequences eventually.

If I was in your shoes I would reduce my dose. How much to reduce would depend on your answers to the questions above.

I split my dose. I take 1 and 3/4 grain when I wake up and leave an hour before I take my breakfast and tea. Then I take 1 grain at bed time. I had a blood draw taken around 7.30 pm and hadn't had my NDT until 10am that morning

Did you really mean you took the blood at 7.30pm, or did you really mean 7.30am?

And when was your last NDT taken before the blood draw?

Yes 7 30 PM a nurse friend of mine took it. So it was 9 1/2 hours since I had taken my last dose of NDT

Your TSH would probably be pretty low at 7.30 pm. I hope your doctor doesn't go by the TSH!

As NDT contains T3, it's best to leave a gap of 12 hours, but, even so, I think your FT3 would still be over-range.

Ah, okay. TSH varies according to time of day. If you take a look at the graphs on page 2 of this link :

you'll see that TSH is at its highest at midnight - 3am, and at its lowest from 1pm - 5pm. The best time for getting blood taken during waking hours is between about 7am - 9am. So, you might have ended up with a slightly higher TSH level if you'd done the blood draw at a different time.

Most people on this forum with an opinion about it usually suggest a gap of about 12 hours between last dose of NDT and the blood draw. Yours was a little quicker than that which will probably have slightly increased your Free T4 and Free T3 results but not by very much I wouldn't think.

But I'm afraid I'm just beating around the bush here. You are over-medicated. I really think you should lower your NDT by half a tablet. Even that may not be enough, but I think you should test again in about 6 weeks to see how your results are then. I would worry that such high levels of Free T3 as you have could really hammer your adrenals, and you could also end up with a very fast heart rate and chest pain. Also, your nutrients will be getting burned up in keeping your body going at that high rate.

Your B12 level is too low. In Japan anything below 500 is considered deficient and they have much lower levels of dementia than the UK. The Pernicious Anaemia Society recommends a level of 1000 for everyone. B12 is not poisonous and going over the reference range is not a problem. You should supplement with methylcobalamin 1000mcg per day. Jarrow Formulas and Solgar are popular brands on here. Put the tablet under the tongue or somewhere in the mouth where it doesn't bother you. Let it slowly dissolve. Don't chew or suck. This is supposed to increase absorption.

While taking B12 you should supplement with a good quality B Complex which contains methylfolate and methylcobalamin. There are various popular ones around. Personally, I use Thorne Basic B Complex, 1 a day.

Thanks so much for the info I will drop my NDT down to 2 gains a day !! As I don't want to damage my heart 😩 I am currently taking a high dose of B12 1,000 ug from Nu U Nutrition along with selenium, Vit D , garlic and a herbal Adrenal support which is called Gaia containing holy basil leaf, Siberian roseal. Oats milky seed, Ashwagandha, Schisandra which is all organic

I don 't know what all of those things are so can't really comment. I hope the B12 is methylcobalamin. :)

What does this mean

You listed your supplements and I don't recognise them all, so I couldn't comment on them.

Another name for Vitamin B12 is cobalamin and there are several different types.

The cheapest kind of B12 that is often found in supplements but not in nature is cyanocobalamin. Some people have a hard time absorbing it.

Another form is hydroxocobalamin which is often used in injections for people with pernicious anaemia.

There are two forms that are active in the body and can be absorbed more easily than the other two kinds mentioned above. They are methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.

On this forum the people who have low levels of vitamin B12 are recommended to take methylcobalamin.

This is the one I take :

or this one

Solgar also do a decent product of the same thing.

Just checked it is

I reduced my medication from 2 3/4 grain to 2 grain yesterday 😩 Is there a test for this condition ? If so does blue horizon do it? I'm scared I take a bad reaction to having too much T3 oh dear I'm now in a qondery

Oh dear I just don't know what to do surly there is a test for this condition

You just had one.

Yes I know I meant a test for resistance

I don't think you have resistance since you clearly have plenty of T3 floating around and disproportionate to the amount of NDT. You said in the original post that you felt well, and therefore I would just reduce the dose and worry about it if and when you don't feel well.

Do you think I should reduce by 1/2 a grain ? Or a 1/4

You have to do what you think is right. If I were you, I'd cut down to 1 in the morning and one after lunch (don't know why you are taking it so late, can you sleep?!), then increase by 1/4 as symptoms return.

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