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help with test results

Hi all I have asked quite a few questions over the last 12 months as I was convinced I had a thyroid problem as I seem to have all the symptoms anyway I finally sent off to blue horizon for a test they have sent me the results which they say are within the normal range. with these results should I assume that I dont have a thyroid problem and it must be something else. thanks for any help. TSH - 2.69 FREE THYROXINE - 14.5 FREE T3 - 4.9

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Hi ann22 - we really need the ranges too especially for the fT3 and fT4, as they vary so much by lab. Please could you post these too - they should be on the report from BH. Thanks xx


Hi Clarebear these are the ranges tsh miu/L 0.27 - 4.2

free thyroxine pm01/1 12.0 -22.0

free T3 pm01/L 3.1 - 6.8

I hope this makes some sense to you .


Well to me both your fT3 and fT4 look too low in the ranges, although with that TSH your GP is unlikely to listen :(

Have you considered seeing one of the private doctors on the TUK list? xx


I had private health care up until this week through work but every time I asked my G.P for a referral he said there was no point as my tsh was normal.


Allthough your TSH is "normal", it probably isn't normal for you. I have read that most healthy people have a TSH of one or under, so close to the bottom of the range. I would feel awful with your levels of fT3 and fT4 and think you would probably benefit from treatment.

That is a shame re private medical cover though :( xxx


thanks for your help any idea what sort of cost it is to go with the tuk doctors


Thyroid UK has info on private doctors and costs. menu on left hand side for info.


Buy £5 Amazon Dr Toft's "Understanding thyroid disorders2 and show GP

P 40, tells how borderline results can require a Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies test(TPO test). If positive test then your thyroid is diseased, on downhill slide and may justify treatment.

Also take Thyroid UK hypothyroidism signs and symptoms sheet with those relevant to you ticked so demonstrating just how you are affected Link:

Your FT3 and FT4 are, as Clarebear says, too low in the ranges. Therefor you fell below par - or worse.

Cannot understand GPs refusal to give you a referral, with private health care surely the NHs would not be picking up the tab.


I am going to try to get a G.P appointment tomorrow as I have been feeling light headed for about a week also my blood pressure is up I dont know if this is thyroid related no doubt he will say not I will take your advice and print out the symptoms list and take it with me. Thanks for your help.


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