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Hi everyone!

Haven't been posting for a while but need to pick at your ( knowledgeable) brains now.

Bit of background, I have Hashimtos and since being diagnosed in 2013 it's been a rocky road. Levels all over the place. Constantly swinging between hypo then borderline hyper. Latest blood test was Tsh of 1.74 ( range 0.35 to 3.5). Ok?

Am more concerned about my vitamin levels at the moment. My vitamin d is constantly deficient. Each time my GP gives me a mega dose but then doesn't continue treatment so am now self medicating with D3@ 5000 a day. My last test was 17. Can't remember range but low enough for GP intervention.

Also have just had a result of B12@ 434 (range 130 to 1,100). So no treatment offered as 'within range'. Having followed you all, I believe I need to be at top of range so am now supplementing with sublingual methylcobalamin 1000mcg. Is this a good thing?

Last question, my recent folate test was 6.1 (range 2.7 to 15). Again I seem to be only be midrange, and GP won't treat. Should I be top of range in this also?

From what I can tell, all other tests seem OK. Does this make sense?

Your thoughts and advice much appreciated.

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Actually, your TSH could be lower. 1.74 is still a bit high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement - unless you're feeling very well with it. But, it's not the most important number, you also need to know your FT4 and FT3.

Your D3 is low, so good that you are supplementing yourself. Doctors are hopeless!

B12 should be up the top of the range for maximum benefit, so taking 1000 is good. But, you should be taking a B complex with it, because the Bs all work together and need to be balanced. If you get one with methylfolate, rather than folic acid, then that should bring your folate up nicely. No need to supplement seperately.

Have you had your ferritin tested? That's very important, too. :)

korkykat in reply to greygoose

Thank you Greygoose.

Haven't had ferritin tested as far as I can see. GP doesn't believe I need anything other than the Levo! Is that related to iron though? All my other blood counts ok. Will look for a vit b supplement that includes methyl folate. Thank you

korkykat in reply to korkykat

Oh forgot to say, GP won't test t3 or t4. Surprise, surprise!

greygoose in reply to korkykat

Best to get private tests, then. If you can.

Ferritin is stored iron, and needs to be optimal for all sorts of reasons, but also for your body to be able to use the hormone you're giving it.

Another useless GP! Surprise, surprise! Pft!

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