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I always get my results from my GP printed off but how do I get hospital blood test results? I have had a lot done recently only to be told that they'll get in touch if anything is wrong. Excuse me for being cynical but blood has been found twice in my urine. The urine has been sent off to check for infection for me to be told 'it's OK, your results are negative'. It's only because of a kind nurse and me being pushy that I am now awaiting a cystoscopy to investigate the problem. I know levels of iron etc should be up at the top of range so I want to know my results. My last folic acid test was 4, range 5-?, but consultant said it was OK as it 'was only just out of range' Grrrrr! Sorry to go on, I just can't trust that I'll get the full picture. I'm hypothyroid on 100mcgms of Levo daily and B12 injections every 3 months.

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Do the hospital send a copy of the results to your GP? If they do, then I'd guess your GP could print them for you in the usual way. You'd just have to wait a few weeks for the results to be sent through.

You phone up your consultant secretary and ask very nicely "could you send me a copy of all my test results please, which where for ......... I know you will have to obtain my consultants knowledge for these to be released and some sort of payment may be required. I also know that it is my legal right to be able to have these but you may need my request in writing so if you would be so kind as to advise me it would be much appreciated" This then throws the secretary into a spin and they get sent to you, free of charge - well that's what happened to me anyway.

If you are under more than one consultant you will have to do this with every one.

Moggie x

absolutely correct in everything that ' moggie ' stated ---- IT REALLY DOES WORK ..... just be firm and quote ' the data protection act ' in my experience you will get the full results within days ----- I get them for as long before that I need them .....alan x

Thanks Moggie, I'm going to be having to do this shortly, and was wondering the same thing, so Ive copied/printed this out and stuck it on my board :D

Your and Maggiet will have to let us know how you get on. Am going to do the same thing myself next week - with the gynae's secretary - as I had thyroid bloods + vitd done pre op and have not got those results in my little (but not that little)

Good luck girls - keep us updated.

Moggie x

Will do. Last time when I pointed out that I had been severely deficient in the past in vit D with a reading of 7, she said "well it's OK now“ Hmmm!

Thank you for your replies everyone. I'll ring the consultant's secretary tomorrow.

Hi Phone the consultant`s sec. but make sure you emphasize to give you ranges, hospitals routinely do not.

Best wishes,


Good point Jackie. Thank you

very much

Good tip Jackie - never thought of that.

Moggie x

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