take NDT at night?

Has anyone ever tried taking NDT at night, and found that it had a positive impact on your well-being...?

I am asking after reading the other night that people suffering from adrenal sufficiency and taking Medrol had better take it at bedtime, so that they wake up with ideal cortisol level (due to Medrol's long half-life, compared to hydrocortisone drugs).

However, as far as I know, T4 stays in the body for weeks anyway, and T3 is fast acting, which means that it could keep you awake all night...?

I don't know if Thyroid-S is different, as it is said to contain a sustained-release compound...?

As far as I've been able to ascertain, a healthy thyroid gland produces hormones mainly during the night, and then releases hormones into the bloodstream in the early morning hours, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. Ideally, that would mean taking thyroid drugs somewhere between 4 and 5 am...?

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I knew of someone who took T3 only during the middle of the night. I assume so that no food or anything else would interfere with the uptake of the hormones.

Sometimes you can experiment. Some members find that taking p.m. dose keeps them awake and others don't. If you decided to give nightime dose a try your stomach must be empty.

theCat346, some people find they sleep better when they take a dose of T3 or NDT at night. I take T4+T3 and my second T3 dose is taken at bedtime. If you find the T3 keeps you awake go back to taking it earlier in the day.

Thanks to both of you!:-)

I'm reading more and more about the body repair that goes on while you sleep, even my skin serum. It may be that hormone may also be more useful then so I don't think it would hurt to try. I've done it for years with both NDT and T3.

Interesting! How long between eating and going to bed in your case...?

It's a long time after dinner since I take it around 11 pm but I may have a snack or drink at 9 or so. They say that two hours after a meal is good enough but I have never been really strict and it doesn't seem to make a difference.


TSH peaks when we sleep. This means we make the thyroid hormones when we sleep. Thyroid hormone has a relationship with cortisol and so the two try and match production.

Very often you will see someones 24h adrenal stress profile will be low in cortisol at the start of the day (and lowish overall). This is because of hypothyroidism and we are not making as much thyroid hormones and so cortisol is also low.

Bedtime dosing of T4 for me works much better than morning dosing. I only use 5mcg T3 in the morning, so i don't take it at bedtime. I have done and it was fine, but i get better results taking it in the morning.

I am sure you can take NDT at bedtime. I think DR Lowe took all his T3 at bedtime.

You could always start with 1/2 the NTH at bedtime and the other half early afternoon.

Trial and error is the way to work out what is good for you.

Yes, that is what makes me wonder if you can take T4 at bedtime if you prefer, as it has a long half-life, while T3 is better taken in the morning as it has a much shorter half-life and acts much more quickly...kind of the difference between Medrol (which lasts almost 24 hours in the body), and hydrocortisone which is fast-acting and does not last more than a few hours. I have read about some who take Medrol for adrenal fatigue at bedtime and wake up with optimal cortisol levels, while I have never heard about anyone taking HC at bedtime (it would most likely not last until next morning either...).

Hi. I have taken my NDT (one and a half grains make Thiroyd) in the middle of the night for simply ages, maybe 3 or 4 years. I try to make it about 3am but can't control the time I'll wake for a pee! I do this basically to keep it away from all the other supplements and food. I seem to have my Hashimotos well under control. I do take one grain also mid afternoon.

started taking ndt at bedtime a few weeks ago after someone on here suggested I try it and I sleep BETTER since, feel brighter in the morning too so am sticking with it. As for not eating with NDT... not heard O f that... in sttm it says its fine to eat when taking NDT and many find it helps give slower release of ingrediants. One thing I am learning on this journey is we all have to find what works best for us. Well it couldn't be easy now could it. :)


I take my Armour when I awake at about 7 am and then I have breakfast an hour later. I'm much better now than the synthetic stuff when I had to take them at 4 am and then try to get back to sleep. I have thought about taking my Armour late at night before I nod off to sleep that I worry that it will wake me up and I'll not be able to fall to sleep. My advice is to just try and see how you feel.


Thanks to everyone for your input and suggestions!

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