Taking Thyroid Medication at night - it has happened by accident

Every night I put my thyroid capsules on my bedside cabinet ready for the morning. I then take my vitamin tablets, been doing it for a while now.

Last night for some unknown reason I took my thyroid capsules!

I did wake up very hot but feel quite lively this morning.

Who else takes their thyoid medication at night time? I have read that it is a good idea.

I ought to continue now, I will take my vitamins in the mornings.

I will let you know how I get on.



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  • Been taking mine at Night for 5 years now , Then take my t3 split into morning and early afternoon. Almost feel normal . Dont have hot sweats anymore , Fog brain is 88% better .. weight stll an issue . But I guess I carnt have everything .... Stick with it. It is trail and error for us , something works for One , perhaps wont work for another ...

  • Thanks Deb, I take naturethroid at lunchtime too, I will let you know how I feel in a few days :-)

  • There are quite a number who have voted and/or commented here:


    Including me.


  • Thanks Rod, yes I remember this poll now.


  • You might find it effectively increases your dose by maximising absorption. in which case, you'll need to get your levels checked again with a view to tweaking the levo dose.

  • Thanks :-)

  • Hi Sue,

    I changed to night times in October and I must say I have ever felt better. As you found this morning I felt more with it then and cope better in the day and at night I am ready to sleep.

    Before I was awake half the night and could have slept in the day.

    I works for me :)

  • Glad to hear it. I had wondered about it before so maybe it was meant to be that I have taken them by accident :-)

  • i have just this week decided to take my throxine at night after 10 years of taking it first thing in the morning . i hope it puts me more on an even track because it cannot get any worse .

  • I have also started taking my levo at night after ten years, and I "think" there is some improvement, I was still awake at 3am before but last couple of nights Im asleep by midnight.....Im 75 and brobably dont need so much sleep now, but 3 hours just wasnt enough...fingers crossed it works for both of us

  • I have just decided to take thyroxine tonight for the first time instead of morning. Just a little anxious it might make me feel worse, however, as you said, I dont think I can feel any worse. Never felt so tired or foggy brained in the whole time I've been diagnosed with underactive thyroid (about 10 years).

  • grandnutty, sounds as though you are not well. Are you fully medicated? is your TSH under 1 and your Free T4 at the very top of your lab range? I didn't start to feel well until my levels were right :-)

  • When I was on thyroxine, I noticed an almost immediate improvement when I switched to night-time, although it wasn't enough. Now that I am on NDT I also take a small dose at night and I find I sleep better and I feel a little better in the morning too.

    Glad it's working for you :)

    C x

  • I tried it for a while but did not notice a difference so have gone back to Levo in the morning and vitamins at night

  • I take mine between 3.00/3.30 am and that was for convenience sake really, mainly to avoid other drugs and vitamins I take.

    I don't know whether or not this has become a habit now but it is as if an alarm goes off and I wake up for an hour or so.

  • I did it for a year and it was wonderful.

    I changed meds and my body changed, so I tried daytime divided-dosing for a couple of months but that didn't work and I was quite off for a few months.

    I've been back to nighttime only dosing for a bit now and finally feel human again! (no palps, muscle/tendon pain gone, sleep well, feel energetic) For me, this is the best.

    Enjoy! If it works well for you it is the easiest way to go. Dr. Lowe did this for a long time and recommended it for tissue saturation and all around best way to dose.

  • So after reading all these positive results for taking thyroxine at night, is the poll so low. A huge majority according to the poll takes it first thing in the morning.

  • Research studies which back up the idea of taking it at night have only really come about in the past few years. Their findings have not made it into Patient Information Leaflets, nor (in general) patients' nor doctors' minds.

    Lots and lots of people here have never even looked at a poll. So, unless they hap[pen to notice a post which mentions it, or someone specifically mentions it to them, will carry on in blissful ignorance of the bed-time idea.

  • Yes, I would guess that most people take it in the morning. This is something that would be helpful with patient information which hopefully Thyroid UK will have a big part in.

    Only yesterday a friend of a friend told me that she had been taking her levothyroxine with her coffee every morning, she has never been told otherwise. After all, most of us are just told that we will have to take the tablets for the rest of our lives and no other information.

  • I was advised years ago by a friend who was on levo to take them at night as I was feeling 'hungover' all day by taking them in the morning as prescribed. It made such a difference to me and I've continued taking them at night ever since. I sleep well, I wake up with a clear head and can function well all day so definitely not going back to mornings :) Oh and it made no difference to the dosage either so nothing to worry about there.

  • Thanks for your replies, I definitely feel better :-)

  • I have been taking at night for about 2 years with much more stable results. I suffered with very mild depression about three years ago and was advised to take St Johns Wort which helped brilliantly after about 3-4 weeks.

    In July/August 2012 I felt really well and got a bit cocksure and decided to forget about the St Johns Worth as I felt I did not need anymore. By Nov I was feeling really tired and the dreaded brain fog had returned then realised what I had done. Back on the St Johns Wort and by Christmas thing started getting back to almost normal but still a bit tired. I have read loads of info on this site with ref to Vitamins and B12 which I think is a big let down on the GP's ignorance of and anything other than blood results.

    My daughter who also has underactive for years started taking Complan as a relaxing drink in the evening with all the RDA vitamins and said within 3/4 days noticed her energy levels much better and wanted to do more around the house etc. I have also taken for the last 6/7 evenings and noticed much better sleep and feel refreshed when getting up. This is working for me as a combination of St John's Wort, evening drink of complan and taking thyroxine at night.

  • Topuneer, very interesting.

    Don't forget that we need more thyroid medication in the winter months than we do in the summer months.

    What was your B12 and vitamin D result?

    5htp is another natural anti-depressant - St John's Wort doesn't suit everyone.

    Wonder if you daughter has had her B12 and D tested too? :-)

  • Thank you for the info on the 5htp as I never heard of it, will now do some research.

    Please I need to correct what I stated earlier the drink I take at night is "OVALTINE" must have had a brain fog moment, my wife has the Complan and leaves it in the front of cupboard so brain washing/conditioning has taken place and I'm blaming her.

    We have not had any tests as GP laughed and refused to even consider doing the tests advised I was reading too much on the internet. When I said I felt I did not feel ok and had tingling on my arms and on the odd occasion felt like losing my balance he just said all your bloods were ok. This is now always the stock answer when you ask about anything.

    Now looking for a new GP

  • I have only been taking 100 for about a month (since having my thryoid removed). I have been taking it between 7 and 8 am. It takes me until about 11am to feel like I have energy to achieve anything, then I am at my best (but that is not brilliant) until about 3pm then I seem to go downhill. But first thing in the morning is definitely the worst time. My legs ache over night and to some extent most of the day. I was wondering about changing to taking my tablets at night, but wonder if it is too soon. Also if I do change do I take my tablets early (ie the morning and the same evening, one day) or do I delay taking it from the morning to the next evening?

    I have blood tests next week, I am going to get as many things as I can think of measured before I go to see the Endo on the 22nd. I am certain that I am on too low a dose, but maybe swapping times might help also.

  • Update .....

    I am feeling better for taking levo at night-time.

    I need to get bloods done in a few weeks. I shall not take my meds the night before and take them after blood is taken just on that day.

    I still have achey days, not sure why, maybe side effect of levo, not sure.

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