Levothroxine at night?

Hi, I just wondered if anyone took levo at night as opposed to the morning as instructed? I notice that I feel sluggish not long after taking them in the morning. If t4 is a storage hormone, than surely it makes sense to take it at night as opposed to the morning where you need the surge of hormones to be available? I'm no expert so just wondered what everyone else does?

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  • Yes, loads of us do. There is one research study showing it is better absorbed that way. V clever of you to have worked it out alone.

  • Here is the paper about it....


    Have always taken my thyroid meds last thing at night.... I forget in the mornings.


  • As long as you remember your stomach has to be empty before your night dose as food interferes with the uptake of hormones.

  • Yes, I take it at night. Don't feel any different but it's easier because it keeps it away from supplements. Give it a try and see how you feel.

  • Yes I take at bedtime - as recommended by very eminent endo.

    I have found it gave much better result. But some people have tried it and not got on with it......we are all different.

    You might need to re-check TSH, T4 levels 6-8 weeks after - taking at night can apparently give better uptake so you may find you need a slightly lower dose. But if you dose is barely sufficient at moment, then you may just feel more adequately treated.

  • I take mine at night as well. as you have to have an empty stomach I don't eat anything at all after my dinner at 6.30 so there is the added bonus that you are not temped to snack at night as you need to take your medication so it's a win-win all round.

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