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results after nearly a year on NDT

Feeling so much better, have lost weight have more energy all the stuff that one would hope.. Just got some blood tests back, some of which are worrying! Can any one shed any light. I feel so much better. Hair has stopped falling, but not growing back super quick...Been on two grains NDT

Cholesterol 7.0 [3.6-5.0)

the ratio is: HDL 2.8

non high density lipoprotien 4.5

Free T4 - 11 (which has droppped from 14)

Ferritin - 64 [23.0-300] (this is the highest its ever been, am so happy!)

TSH 0.18 [0.35-3.5]

Serum Thyroid Peroxidase antibody concentration 56.5 [0.0-34.0]

Should I be worried?

Thank you


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Without your t3 it's hard to know what is what. It is normal to have low or even suppressed tsh on ndt.

Your ferritin is low, even though nhs will say it is normal. You need at least 90 to support good thyroid health.

I'm so happy for you that you feel better

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I thought 64 was good hahahahah really? Wow, I really hope I can get it up in the 90s, this is a vast improvement from 12 in 2012.. It has been climbing but really slowly.. I was wondering if there was a correlation between having perhaps better thyroid health and higher numbers in Ferritin...

I do feel better, but I suspect any doc looking at my bloods would tell me to stop taking the meds...

I will get a private T3 test.. Should I be worried my T4 is low?




If your T4 is low you wont be able to convert to sufficient T3 which is the active hormone you require.


so what should I do?

if NDT is not answer? or should I take more? (than 2 grains)



Apologies, when we take T3 (as in NDT or T3 on its own) our T4 will be lower of course.

2 grains is quite a small dose, so you can try adding a small dose every two weeks until you feel your symptoms have gone. You must take note of your pulse/temp to keep an eye on things. If either go to high you must reduce to your previous dose.

"I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"


ok, should I add additional T3?



thanks for the advice will try increasing!


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