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UPDATE: GP and Thyroid Antibodies


Some of you may have read my previous posts regarding hashimotos and trying to conceive. Well, I went to my GP today for one last time today regarding this and she spoke to the endocrinologist about this. The endo informed her NOT to give me thyroxine and that if she does give me it , it actually could be quite dangerous. I feel very scared of self-medicated after she was very firm with this. So I probably wont be doing that now. She told me to stop obsessing about it (not in a horrible way). She was a nic elady :). My GP and the endo both said that this should not effect my pregnancies at all as they are within the normal range. They said the NICE guidelines are for women who are already on Thyroxine and diagnosed hypo. She said because my TSH is 2.84 it is within the normal range and taking meds could be dangerous. Even though I do have the antibodies my TSH is normal. They will treat if it falls outside the normal TSH range I assume.

I said to her ' if I fall pregnant again, I would like my TSH monitored every 4-6 weeks as stated in the British thyroid guidelines. A euthyroid women with elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies is more likely to develop hypo in pregnancy' She agreed and said she is more than happy to send me to get the TSH tested regularly in pregnancy.

She mentioned that I should be taking aspirin as it is often required after miscarriages for future pregnancies. And there is good evidence to support this. So I will be taking this route with a gluten free diet and selenium supplements which there are studies that show it reduces thyroid antibodies and on the bottle it says supports thyroid function, it's a safer route. But should not be overdosed as it can be dangerous from what I read. I take 200 mcg a day.

My appointment with the Endo is in April. I'll just have a chat with them about this if I am not successfully pregnant by then. Fingers crossed I am.

Please note: I am not a GP and not giving anyone advice just informing you guys what the doc said about my situation.

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:( good luck with everything, hope your next pregnancy is your rainbow xxx


So you've had 5 very early miscarriages in 18m.

The most dangerous thing here is probably the endo's advice... :(

I'm not a GP either, but I've seen so many people pass through here in your situation. I'm glad your GP was nice about it, although I would query whether someone telling you to stop obsessing is actually a nice thing to do, particularly given the circumstances. I felt really poorly with a TSH in the same place as yours and I wasn't hoping to have a baby.

You have antibodies, so in time, your thyroid will fail. Maybe not for years, but that's impossible to predict. To me, it seems utterly irresponsible to leave you untreated, and even more irresponsible to imply it would be dangerous to start you on thyroxine. Goodness knows how anyone could conclude that giving thyroxine to a patient, on the basis of that TSH result would be dangerous - do you know if she even checked your FT3 and FT4?

I'd be minded to seek a second opinion. Someone who actually cares about you more than these two so-called "professionals".


Thanks you for your response Jazzw. What would you suggest I do. I have actually spoken to a few other GPs they all say they are not going to treat me, what would you do if you were me?? I just don't know where to turn to. if I go private worried about paying the money and they don't treat me. TSH 2.84 . FT4 is 16.5 (normal range- 10-24). FT3 not checked or results not stated. Hmm :(


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