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Someone help me please. Low testosterone

Hello dear all. May be you know the best way to fix testosterone. I'm 56, long time hasimotos, low thyroid for 30 years. Now that testosterone shows low. May be some experience people can give me the advice. My Test result

TESTOSTERONE (2nd generation) 0.150 ng/ml

Adult Reference Range (Female) >50 Years

Median - 0.235

5th percentile - 0.124

95th percentile - 0.357

Looks like I have only 63% from Median, but not sure. Will very much appreciate your help

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Testosterone is very helpful to many women. In the US, all products on the market are for men, which is too large a dose.

I get it in a smaller dose in a cream form from a compounding pharmacy.

You may also want to check your DHEA, progesterone and estrogen levels.

Cholesterol makes pregnenolone, which goes down one pathway to make DHEA, then testosterone, then estrogens. Sometimes supplementing 5-10mg of DHEA can move your testosterone level up instead of the cream, and you may feel much better.... I know I sure do...

The danger with DHEA and testosterone supplementation is that they could increase estradiol production, which could promote female cancers. However, ensuring your progesterone level is high normal can counterbalance the estrogen and reduce risk.

My doctor orders a DUTCH test, dried urine test of comprehensive hormones, which gives us a very tight grasp of what's going on. (I had uterine cancer and a radical hysterectomy so don't make many hormones, but need to be extremely careful.)

Also, ensure any hormone is bioidentical and does not come from a horse...


Thank you for sharing this information, it's totally new for me. Will look for testosterone cream and again blood test in couple of months.


Learner1 how you are increasing progesterone? Is this using a progesterone cream? The only test I've had is an Genova Adrenal Stress Profile which showed low DHEA and based on this a London Endo wants me to take DHEA along with T3. I'm naturally cautious about taking DHEA for the reasons you've stated.


I take Prometrium pills. It's a bioidentical progesterone available as a prescription drug in the US. Drugstores here have creams over the counter, but I haven't used them. I've taken between 100 and 300mg.

DHEA can be extremely helpful. Just be aware of what you're doing and do follow up labs once you've felt balanced for a month or so.


You're not taking statins, are you? :)


No statins


Good. :)


I know someone who has recently started using testosterone gel, rather than inject, & his symptoms are reducing.


Hi BadHare cab I ask what the testosterone cream is👀? Many thanks 💐

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It's a gel, applied once a day, on prescription from an endocrinologist.

Reduction in moobs & weight, & better mood etc, within months.


Thanks my private endo is off #sick atm 😕


Maybe ask your GP?

I'm sure it can be bought privately, if you know you need it, but don't know any suppliers.


Is your thyroid fully fixed? If not, get your FT3 & FT4 well into their normal ranges before going for testosterone supplementation, and get your antibodies down via the usual methods (dietary change, nutrition, detox). I found my T recovered once my body was clear of antibodies and my thyroid/adrenal system was properly supported (T3, T4, DHEA).


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