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Private Dr on the south coast?

Hello all. Mine is a long story, but the short version is I had my thyroid removed 6 years ago and after lots of problems Dr S put me on Armour. I now take Erfa, which I got on with better. I am soo much better and feel I have my life back.

When my thyroid started failing though, I started having problems breathing. Really short of breath. I was always in the gym in those days, so really noticed. Then thyroid would kick in again, I would go back to normal. I didn't know my thyroid was responsible back then though. As my problems worsened it was happening more and more.

So, fast forward 8 years...and I feel nearly 100% back to normal...apart from the breathing issues. They are extreme and affecting my quality of life.

So I'm looking for an understanding Dr in the South East. Someone that might let me try T3 maybe? Dr S did have more plans for me, the Erfa was the first step.

Can anyone suggest a good private endo in the south of England? I was going to go to Dr Boardman, but apparently she is TSH obsessed. Has anyone seen Dr Lusegged?

Any suggestions appreciated. Need help over the final hurdle!

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I went to Southampton hospital and they were brilliant at testing to find out what was causing my breathing problems.... Turns out i have asthma and am allergic to grass weeds and exercise( i am a gardener who likes going to the gym).

However, when they were asking for blood tests they asked about thyroid, i told them i took t3. ( i dont i take ndt).. And they said they didnt ever prescribe it there. .... So i refused them permission to take meds for thyroid.

So, maybe try there on the nhs but dont let them test thyroid? The asthma thing was a surprise, i am not particularly wheezy, sometime i aws waking in the night with a tickly cough, but. It turns out that people with asthma cannot breathe out, taking a breth in, is fine.... Copd was ruled out, because i can, with meds, make full recovery.



what is your ferritin level ????????????

I know one good endo in South but he will not agree with NDT only t4 or t3


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