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Struggling for diagnosis - can anyone recommend a sympathetic endocrinologist in London or the South East preferably?

I was diagnosed by Dr Peatfield as hypothyroid and hashimotos approx 8 years ago, after regular doctors failed to diagnose saying my thyroid was a normal range. I have gone through periods of feeling much better but I am now struggling a lot and have been unable to contact Dr Peatfield due to to personal issues.

I have recently had a blood test result of TSH 4.17 even though I am taking supplements for thyroid support. I feel I have been getting consistently worse and that I need support in changing up my medication.

If anyone could let me know of any supportive doctors or endocrinologists in my local area (London and South East) that would be so appreciated. Or any other advice? I am happy to go private....

Thanks in advance

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Are you saying that Dr Peatfield is still not available or is it your personal issues preventing you seeing him? I need to see him again so will be keen to see the replies you get.


Unfortunately Dr Peatfield has not been available. (There is a message on his answerphone explaining). If you are able to get in contact with him or have any luck finding another doc please let me know and I will do likewise.


Dr P, unfortunately, has been in hospital twice in the past few weeks.

If you email, she has a list of NHS Endos/private doctors. With a bit of luck one may be near you.


Thanks shaws. Will do. Appreciate the quick response.


Dr Akker - St. Barts Hospital London


Thanks - do you know if he consults privately as I don't know whether I'll be able to get a referral on NHS?


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