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Help! Got an appointment with my GP at 3pm and need to know what info to give him in order to get a Dr Skinner referral?

Hello All,

Well I've made a big decision and have temporarily moved back in with my parents in Scotland (from Wales) in order to try and get somewhere with my thyroid treatment. I wasn't having any luck with doctors down south and so I've moved back to Scotland and re-registered with my family GP in the hope that he will give me a referral for Dr S.

Dr S' assistant very kindly sent me an info pack but I have forgotten to bring it with me. I have an appointment today with my GP and just wondered if there is any information/details I need to give him in order for him to refer me? I'm just trying to minimise having to jump any more hurdles! It's been a year since I was diagnosed and I'm only feeling worse, despite my levels being "normal".

Thanks for your help!!

Nugget xxx

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Just say to your new GP that you have already contacted Dr S.

Your GP may want Dr Skinner's address in Glasgow if a referral letter is necessary. Helen as Scottish requirements may be different to England in that he may not need one. I don't know theGlasgow number but this is his Birmingham one. The phone is often busy.


Thank you very much! That's really helpful and very kind of you to reply :)


I printed off Dr skinner's details from the world thyroid register plus his fax no and address and took them to my GP and said I am not getting anywhere and would like to see this Dr but he requests a referral from you. Maybe I was lucky but she just said is he a proper Dr? Ok then yes that's fine, leave me all the details. I realise I have been lucky with my GP who is very supportive. I have looked at some details I have and this is his Glasgow address : The Laser Therapy Centre, 158 Queens Drive, Glasgow. Tel/Fax 01214 498895. Good luck.



My daughter saw Dr. Skinner in Birmingham, her G.P. would not give her a referral letter but sent a STATEMENT OF FACT to him listing all her symptoms and test results and wrote on it THIS IS NOT A REFFERAL. Her G.P. diagnosed her with CFS and not hypo as she is in the so called NHS range even though she has all the symptoms of hypo including low temp. and really cold hands. She got an appt. with Dr. Skinner and he has confirmed she is hypo and has prescribe her levothyroxine

Best Wishes browny


Presumably ,if it's not a referral ,GP won't feel obliged to fiollow up any treatment Dr S proposes- which may mean a GP change.

No bad idea by the sounds of it!

Please post what happens when Levo is requested.


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