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My Endo

My Endo

I had hosp appt yest with consultant. Told him I felt like Levo was poisoning me and that I've stopped taking it and started NDT. I put the bottle (thyroid-s) on his desk. He said "what's that" - I just said its Natural Dessicated Thyroid. He wrote it down then said - so you feel better on this do you? - I said I did but that I've not got the dose right yet and my hair is still ridiculously thin etc. So he said ....well we had better check your levels then - cue blood test for free T3, free T4 & TSH! He didn't ask me where I got it from or anything more about it. "I'll write to you with the blood results" - I'm sure once my GP gets the letter from my Endo saying I'm on NDT they will have some kind of over reaction, but until then I'm happy that i seem to have support from my Endo (don't think he even really knew anything about NDT - too young - although consultant). Can't wait to see what these results come back like! Attached is a pic of my bloods request. Not sure if J should be feeling happy that Endo doesn't seem bothered or upset that he didn't seem to have a clue about NDT. However, he did seem more concerned with how I was feeling rather than my TSH numbers so that's very positive I think

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I doubt there's not many Endocrinologist who haven't heard about NDT (some have even prescribed) most have been brainwashed by Big Pharma and levo and the guidelines.

This doctor sent the following to the Royal College of Physicians and the BTA - despite 3 yearly reminder they never did respond. Maybe your Endo would like a scientific explanation. Rumours abound about NDT even though, in different forms, has been in use since 1892.

I'm glad you are doing so well and it contains all of the thyroid hormones our healthy gland would have produced.


(he might even know someone who is already taking it?)


I did think he might already be dealing with others on it but didn't want to say anything or be seen to condone it. I'm not yet sorted with dose etc but I feel a lot less poisoned than I did on Levo! Can't wait to see my blood results - but, I shall still base my dose on how I feel and not what the numbers tell us!

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Yes, that's the most important - on how the patient feels. If on the right dose and meds we feel back to good health.


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