Endo put my breathing problems down to being overweight

Just saw another Endo who was worse than the last one. Second question he asked me, "Are you married?" He was very interested in where I lived and if I was renting or not, kept perving at my chest and seemed amused at everything I said. All he did was order bog standard TSH/T4/T3 tests which I have to do through my GP.

I asked why my asthma gets bad when I'm tired yet not doing anything, why the inhalers don't help much and he said, "That's probably down to your weight." He then gave me diet advice, recommended a health gurus books and told me to lose 10KG.

The last Endo I saw said I should exercise to lose weight. I do exercise, I use Fitness Blender, the shorter easier workouts cos that's all I can handle. It's just so frustrating, neither one of my Endo's put my weight gain down to my thyroid, they just think it's cos I'm eating junk food and being lazy. I actually don't eat that much due to poor appetite and am quite health conscious.

When I told him I was on NDT, he asked me, "What's that?" Making out he didn't know what it was but towards the end of the session he told me his private patients took NDT! Then he suggested I should take 120mg of NDT and stay off the Levothyroxine.

Is that weird?!

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  • Yes that is weird!

  • It's more than weird but I assume in private practice he can prescribe what suits his patient. But in the NHS he must keep to the guidelines of levothyroxine only. No matter if the patient is not improving.

    Did you have breathing problems before being hypothyroid or did it develop afterwards?

  • He told me it would be cheaper to just continue getting NDT from <site deleted in accordance with posting guidelines> than private prescription. My breathing problems developed after I became hypo at about the same time my indigestion/acid reflux started. The asthma and fatigue come together.

  • Acid reflux can cause asthma because it goes down the windpipe and causes injury.

  • This is a link which is informative. Also weight gain can be due to being on levo for some people.



    For indigestion and reflux may be due to low acid rather than high as many of us get hypochloria:-


  • Sounds to me as if you're not eating enough and exercising too much!

    Low calorie diets are not recommended for hypos, they have a negative impact on conversion. And, exercising uses up your T3. So, if your T3 is not optimal, you are making yourself more hypo, which will make you put on more weight. I started to lose weight when I got on a much higher doe of T3.

    There's not much T3 in 120 mcg NDT if you can't convert well.

    Your breathing problems are possibly part of your hypo symptoms. Have you ben diagnosed - tested for asthma? Or is it just a guess on the part of some doctor or other? If the inhalers aren't working, then that would suggest it isn't actually asthma. How is your iron? Your B12? Your heart? So many things can cause breathing problems. I've had them all my life and I'm finally getting somewhere by taking vit D, vit A and magnesium orotate. But, get your vit D tested before starting supplements. :)

  • Breathlessness was one of my first symptoms when my B12 was low. Get your B12, ferritin, folate and VitD tested, if you haven't already had it checked.

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