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Hypo, prostate, estradiol, testosterone, shbg

Hello. I have not been here for a while because I felt much better.

Male, 50y, diagnosed with Hashimoto 2 years ago, low t3 syndrome, first on T4 only, then on Combo T4+T3.

My latest results:

TSH 0.73 (0.37-3.53), FT3 5.1 (3.8-6), FT4 9.9 (7.9-14.2)

Total cholesterol 6.91 (<5) high

HDL: 1.4 (>1)

LDL 5.5 (<3) high

Triglicerides 0.9 (<1.7)

Ferritin 84 (24-336)

Calcium 2.49 (2.14-2.53)

Estradiol 51.5 (7.6-42.5) high

Free testosterone 19.1 (1-28)

SHBG 62 (10-57) high

Prolactin 4.5 (2.6-13.1)

I feel ok. I do not have any major symptoms exept some palpitations at 2 – 4 am. I have also been having some problems with my prostate in the last 3 years. My urologist said it may be due to some pituary hormones but did not elaborate. Now I see that my estradiol and Shbg are higher than normal. Few months ago, the total testosterone was also slightly over the top. The urologist said nothing to worry (PSA was low). I understand that women with high estrogen use progesterone to lower it, but what about men?

Also, my cholesterol has been on the rise lately. I thought that with the optimum thyroid therapy it would go down but it has not. Strangely enough it was almost normal, when I was on the T4 only therapy (ft4 was high normal, and t3 was middle range). Any men here on the forum with the same problems or ideas what is going on?

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Hi Akimbohr.

In 2002, a few months after being diagnosed hypothyroid and prescribed thyroxine, my estradiol was also above the range.

I self-medicated with danazol, which I think helped symptoms (it's hard to be sure because I was in very bad shape in those days) but it's a bit expensive and at that time was hard to source.

Since then I have tried anastrazole, tamoxifen (neither seemed to help much, but they may help other people, of course) and letrozole (which has been beneficial).

I have been supplementing with tribulis terristris for several years now.

Recently I have started taking Mucuna Dopa, which I think seems to perk me up slightly, both physically and mentally, and makes me feel brighter and more optimistic.

I have recently read something about metformin, which is used to treat diabetes, also showing promise in treating men with prostate problems and high oestrogen.

Feel free to read my profile and replies that I have given to others.

Bear in mind, though, that I am NOT MEDICALLY TRAINED.

I'm just a layman with health problems for which my doctor was unwilling to treat me, who was forced down the path of researching anything which sounded like it might help me, and giving it a shot.

Good luck



With low PSA let's hope it's benign prostate enlargement, which is associated with hypothyroidism and blamed on over-consumption of carbohydrates, but see where protein gets the blame.


I'm not a man but in answer to your question, yes, men can and use progesterone. This page is a good start:

As for LDL - well the levels for healthy LDL keep being pushed down and down....( guess who is behind that, waving their statins!?) and the story behind cholesterol both 'good' and 'bad' is far more complex than words like good and bad seem to suggest! We panic but perhaps we shouldn't. There is a well-researched relationship between hypothyroidism and rising LDL - google and you'll find lots to read. (Your triglyceride levels looks a very healthy level btw).

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There's a video by Dr John Bergman where he describes how high cholesterol is a normal biological response to a situation (cholesterol makes hormones) and so the cause of your high cholesterol might be in response to your elevated hormones as it is trying to make more, ie: if you can get to the bottom of why your testosterone is elevated and sort that then your cholesterol will fall again - I don't know if I've explained that very well but check out his videos on YouTube if you haven't already seen them


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