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Help needed with private blood test results

A few weeks ago, I posted a message saying how awful I felt and my doctors refusal to offer more comprehensive tests. Following my visit to the docs 10 days ago, he finally agreed to do a full thyroid check - great, at last! Sadly on receipt of my blood, the lab overruled the request and deemed that there was no need to carry out t3 as "my results are fine" - back to square one!

The only concern from those results are a raised basophil count

0.10 (10*9/L ) stated as "above range" on my results, but no further action.

Ok, so still feeling pants, I ordered some private tests from Blue Horizon. Here are the results

Crp. 1.30. <3.0

Ferritin 73.3. 20-150

Free t4. 14.97 12-22

Free t3. 3.99. 3.1-6.8

Tsh 1.10. 0.27-4.2

T4 total. 86.6. 64.5-142.

Anti-thyroidperoxidase abs 35.6. <34. (Above range)

Anti-thyroglobulin abs. 47.9. <115

Vit d 81. 50-175

Vit b12 1056 250-725 (above range)

I stopped my medication 4 days before I took blood before breakfast . My usual dose is 125mg levo, and daily supplement of iron, b12, vit d, and zinc.

Obviously the b12 isn't needed (or reduced). But thoughts on the t3 would be much appreciated as I am visiting my doc again tomorrow.

My belief is that levo has been causing lots of my problems (tiredness, weight gain, migraines). I have been taking it for around 4 years.

I have a quite stressful life - son with learning difficulties, a turbulent teenager and a husband who works overseas and is only home every 6 weeks.

I am wondering if my condition could be helped by dietary changes and whether I have been taking the levo in vain??????

Would appreciate any help. Lastly, I'm definitely peri menopausal and feel that could be contributing with the fluctuations in hormones. God it never ends!!!!!!!!

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Is there a reason why you stopped your meds 4 days before the test? I'm not sure how to read it because your levels would have dropped over time, but off the top of my head it does seem like your t3 is low and I wonder if you're converting properly.

Your tsh could be lower but I don't know how quickly it would rise over 4 days.

It would be good to see your gp's tft results as well just for comparison.


Stopping the medication four days before taking the blood makes the results meaningless. In a previous post you said you were taking levothyroxine at night, in which case having the blood taken in the morning is perfect. Allowing for the four day lapse your fT4 could have been about 22 and your TSH would have been lower. However, it is not really possible to guess what the real figures were. The fT3 is usually a little low when fT4 is high.

If your main problem is migraines it would make sense to follow your doctor's advice and try beta blockers.


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