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2 questions please.

1 since changing to NDT in the form of thyroid S, I feel great, however I'm a keen cyclist, covered 54 miles today however my right calf the thigh get slight cramp. (only get whilst cycling or running) Didn't get this on Levothoroxine.

2 Going to Majorca for a weeks cycling in March. Can I take my thyroid S with me? Customs and all that?


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Yes we are allowed to take personal medications with us through customs.

I cannot answer your question about 'slight cramp' but probably because you're newly on NDT. When we exercise - I would say yours is more than exercise, cycling 54 miles which I think its marvelous if you are able to do that- T3 was slightly depleted due to the long distance.

I'm glad your feeling well on NDT.


Can i take thyroid S with me even though they are not prescribed?

I took my first 1.5 grains 2 hours prior to riding, and then me second dose of 1.5 grains 3 hours in to the ride. I ride a lot 54 is short for me. Did 168 last year whilst on Levothoroxine and no cramps. I recon it's my body getting used to the new meds as I have only been taking them for 3 weeks.


There's no restrictions of meds for your own use. Doesn't matter if it's prescribed in this country. Other countries sell over the counter without prescription.

I have only ever taken NDT or any other combination once daily.

Go to the date January 30, 2002 on this link - just for info:-

I hope your cramps disappear.



I assume your NDT is ok, if it's prescribed medication & your name is on the bottle. I'm not sure what I'll do when I go on holiday, as I buy mine.

Try a little Himalayan salt &/or magnesium to stop your cramp.


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I use to take Levo now take NDT mindiawl1, I did not notice if Levo or NDT gave me my leg cramps, but my leg cramps and other aches, pains and stiffness were sorted with a good safe dose of 5000iu vitamin D3.

see www.vitamindcouncil for up to date safe doses.

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Thanks guys. Great to talk to fellow sufferers. My ndt is not prescribed I have to buy it. Just done another 37 mile ride this morning and no cramp. (soaking wet may I add lol) I could feel the cramp wanting to develop but just slowed dow the a little bit for a little bit and then was ok to carry on as normal. 20 of us going over to Majorca to cycle in March so need to keep my training up.


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