Feeling odd on Thyroid-S

Hi all - don't know if you can help. Started taking this just over 2 weeks ago. One grain Thyroid-S and 100mcg Levo (per Clutter's instructions). Had a series of bad migraines over last weekend, but they have subsided to just headaches. However they are still draining and I would rather not, thank you very much!

I felt that my heart was pounding more and more, my body feels fizzy and I feel weak and pathetic! Brain isn't up to doing much. I cut down the 100mcg levo to 50mcg, then cut it out altogether, as I was feeling over medicated. However having had a 36 hr period with nothing, I woke this morning with carpal tunnel, which is my undermedicated symptom (among others). Slept like a baby though! So today I have just taken one grain of Thyroid-S and feel like a zombie. Anyone any idea how long this may last? (On the plus side, have lost 2/3 lbs in 2 and a bit weeks!)

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  • Following - I started on one grain of Thyroid S yesterday and am not feeling too bad except for persistent sneezing. I have however cut my levo out completely.

  • Hi .. I tried 75 Levo & 1/4 grain & I was ill.. I've just started thiroyd, 1 grain for 2 days, by the third day I was so exhausted I coulnt even vet upstairs after my work.. Sttm told me to up straight away to 1 & 1/2 grains, this made such a difference now.. It's been 6 days for me & I'm feeling much better, but I think I may need 2 grains, but I'll raise it by 1/4 to get there.. My under medicated symptom is heavy crampy arms & it's just sitting in the background.. On the plus side ive lost 4lbs in 6 days... Stick with it & forget the Levo, I was taking 100mcg & just changed the next day.. Levo & NDT wasn't for me either... Hope u get there soon! :-)

  • Hiya Rudegirl - how long were you taking 1/4 grain? Did you have heart palpitations? I feel like my whole body is shaking but no outward evidence!

  • I started on 1 grain & became exhausted after 2 days.. Stop the Thyroid madnes advised me to up another 1/2 grain cos my symptoms were severe with one grain.. I raised to 1 grain in the morning & 1/2 at noon by day 3 & it's made a massive difference.. I think I may need 2 grains by next week, but I'll raise by 1/4 & then another 1/4, because I had raised to 1 &1/2 quite quickly.. I don't have any shakes inside or out.. So far so good...

  • Hi, do not panic - i felt pretty ill for a while when i started. I don' think it was so much the Thyroid S as the fact the NHS had ruined my health with levo. It took me a good 4 months to find the right dose and for my symptoms to subside.

    Hope this provides a bit of reassurance

  • Well that is reassuring - did you have internal shaking? Heart problems? Headaches? I'm actually really happy that I've lost some weight, so if nothing else will persevere with it, because I've done nothing to lose weight, eating the same stuff, etc.

  • I would drop the Levo though.. When I tried Levo & NDT together I felt awfull.. It made me very scared of trying NDT again.. then I went from Levo to NDT the next day.. It's worked better for me this way!!

  • Yes I have done as of yesterday. OK well hopefully onwards and upwards! Just taken a 1/2 grain to see if it helps.

  • Good luck with it! :-)

  • Misty, I advised you start on half a grain to see how you tolerate the T3 in Thyroid-S and increase by 1/2 grain every fortnight and reduce Levothyroxine by 50mcg every time you increase. Cutting out 150mcg T4 to start on 1/2 grain would have meant you being undermedicated for several weeks until you built up to 1.5 grains. So, on 1 grain + 100mcg T4 you probably were overmedicated. See how you feel for a few days to a week on 1 grain and then increase to 1.5 grains.

    Mistydog, You can stop Levothyroxine one day and start NDT the next. It's usual to start with half a grain to see how well you tolerate the T3 in it and if good, increase NDT by half a grain every 2 weeks until you are on 2 grains which is equivalent to 150mcg-200mcg Levothyroxine. I'd be inclined to continue taking Levothyroxine, reducing dose by 50mcg for each half grain Thyoid-S added until you are on 1.5 grains.


  • Yeah, I know, I think misunderstood that the Thyroid S is 60mcg which is 1 grain? I don't know, now, I'm really confused! Don't worry, I'm not blaming you at all! All my fault for not thinking it through. I blame brain fog.

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