Hypopituitarism and thyroxine tests

I had a benign pituitary tumour 14 yrs ago and been on 75ug levothyroxine and various hormone replacements and anti-depressants for last 11 years. I have always taken my thyroxine prior to any 9am blood tests at the hospital. Latest results were; Free T4 = 18.6 (10-19.8), Free T3 = 3.9 (3.5-6.5), (TSH=0.38, not relevant being a pituitary patient).

How would the Free T4 and Free T3 results have changed if I hadnt taken my thyroxine prior to the blood tests?

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  • Audi, FT4 is likely to be lower if you'd left 24 hours between the last dose and the blood draw. It will be too soon to have affected FT3 as it takes around 36 hours for the T4 to convert to T3.

  • If it converts. Which yours doesn't seem to.

  • Hi greygoose, many thanks all noted.

  • :)

  • Hi,Many thanks for the reply. I am still having great difficulty convincing the Addenbrookes Endocrine consultants to trial something new like a higher levothyroxine T4 dose or taking T4 +T3 to see the effect on my well being. Thats before I dare mention natural thyroxine medication!

  • Audi, I had pit tumour removed January. How awful is this condition! Still bed bound, no energy and now begging endo to let me try T3. Hugs xx

  • Hi Loo44,

    I can only empathise. I had the tumour removed not the whole gland like you said. It seems awful now but it does get better with time and the right consultant. It was a real shock to the system when the doctors mentioned the word "tumour" even if it was benign its still in the front part of your brain. You need to make sure all your hormones are monitored,checked and properly replaced or your thoughts will be negative. I wish you the very best and a speedy resolution to your dilemna. x

  • Thank you xx

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