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Thyroid results

Please help.

Due to endometriosis surgery and thinking that diagnosis was my answer I went off the ball when it came to my thyroid.

Unfortunately I am still 15 years struggling with fatigue , itchy blood, hair thinning , achy legs , and am fed up with the results I get being left on the computer.

So I have found my latest results.

T3 below range 3.11

T4 within range 12.3

TSH within range 0.86

Please help

Does this mean I am not converting T3 well and this should not have been ignored by my gp.

Lab report clearly says t3 below range

Thank you in advance Helen

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Piper7, what are the FT3 and FT4 ranges, and are you prescribed Levothyroxine?


Sorry that list is free t3 and T4.

I didn't have chance to write the lab ranges down. Only the fact if they were within range or out.

Will get the info but I was under the impression all labs ranges are different, so fact I remembered their out of range or within was enough....

I'm not on any thyroid medication. I've never been properly diagnosed. And only just found out the gp ignored the low free t3 report.

Thanks Helen


Piper7, ranges do vary from lab to lab but it is still useful to see where in range results are. If your FT4 is at the bottom of the range with low-normal TSH your GP should be considering secondary hypothyroidism (due to pituitary dysfunction) instead of primary hypothyroidism which is due to thyroid dysfunction.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Thanks so much..yes T4 was on low side of the range. I'm going to have the bloods done again .

I had a pituitary mri scan done ordered by a private endo so he obviously suspected something. But I know from exeprince with animals that you can still have no tumour on the pituitary but it still not be functioning properly. I've had 5 whiplashes and really suspect I am a complicated case. But I'm determined to try and understand as much as possible. My main issue is finding a thorough endo consultant. Thanks so much for the reply I feel I'm on the right track .

Any consultant recommendations would be great. Tia


Piper7, email for a list of member recommended endos. These probably won't be pituitary experts. You can post asking for recommendations for pituitary specialist endos to be sent to you via private messages.


It's probably worth mentioning that I have low growth hormone also.

Was diagnosed with that also as a child and had no treamtent. I noticed on some tests last year it was also out of range. Im now 37. I presumed that it wasn't a problem as to have a correct reading I read the growth hormone dips throughout the day so to have a correct reading a day of taking the blood every 2 hours would be needed. But more than ever now a picture is building.


Piper7, it does sound as if you may have some pituitary dysfunction causing TSH and growth hormone deficiency and further investigation or monitoring is required.

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Hi Piper,

I'm central hypothyroid which involves the pituitary/ hypothalamus.

A low TSH with a low FT4 and FT3 is indicative of this. It just means that the TSH which is a pituitary hormone isn't working.

As you are already deficient in growth hormone it would suggest that you do indeed have a pituitary issue.

You do need specialist attention. A good ENDO is needed.

You need to get a referral from your GP.

I'm not medically trained so please push for further investigations.

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