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Lactose and Gluten Free NDT

Hi all,

I'm thinking of self medicating with NDT. My TSH levels have constantly been up and down for the past year and I just don't feel any better on Levothryoxine even when they increase the does. In fact the increase tends to make me feel worse in that I suffer lots of chest pain and palpitations.

So after not getting anywhere with doctors and my consultant I've decided to self-medicate as well as doing private diagnostic tests too to make sure I'm on the right track.

The problem is I also think I'm gluten and lactose sensitive. I've been tested for Coeliac disease and it came back negative. I don't get really adverse reactions to lactose or gluten but just a lot of bloating and it also made me quite gassy.

I was thinking of trying Naturethroid but it does have traces of lactose. Does anyone recommend a lactose and gluten free NDT? I'd really appreciate your help or any advice on this.

Kind Regards,


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Thanks for the info, very helpful.


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