Lactose & gluten free thyroxine?

Please can anyone tell me where I can get a lactose and gluten free form of thyroxine that doesn't cost the earth!? My GP said there aren't any. I did some research and discovered Eltroxin and called Mercury Pharma today who said it is unavailable now but that they have oral solution levothyroxine that is lactose and gluten free. It costs around £60/bottle. I would need two bottles to give me the 75mcg I would need/ day which would only last around 20 days as each dose is 5ml. I think I've done my maths right! I can't see my GP willing to pay this each month. Does anyone know why it is so expensive compared to the tablets or if there is something else I could take? I've been taking levothyroxine in tablet form for nearly 20 years but with ongoing health issues that I'd like to rid myself of which may be caused by my daily consumption of small amounts of lactose I believe.

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  • PA13, There are lactose free Levothyroxine tablets available from Europe. Your GP can prescribe on a named patient basis and your pharmacist will order the medicine.

  • Thank you. I see on the list that there is a company in the UK called Martindale. Do you know if their lactose free thyroxine is affordable to GP's? I called them but they won't tell me as I'm not a pharmacist. I'm seeing my GP this afternoon so I can go there informed which will be good!

  • PA13, I've no idea. If you are lactose intolerant your GP should prescribe medication you can tolerate. The GP's drug budget should not take precedence over your health needs.

  • Agreed, it should not! But Martindale (and other) specialist makers do have high prices. Probably over £100 a pot.

    The German products on the link from Clutter are lactose free and do not have any wheat products as ingredients but they might not be gluten-free to the required level.

    The product Tirosint (available in some European countries and the USA - so can be bought on internet), though very expensive, is gluten and lactose free.


  • OK, thanks :)

  • Try liquid thyroxine, its more expensive but the doctor can prescribe it!! You can get a version with no gluten or dairy...

  • Hi PA13, I only found this forum a couple of months ago because I was googling around to find gluten and lactose free thyroxine! I contacted the German manufacturer, but while their levo is lactose free they could not confirm if it was gluten free. I am more worried about gluten as even traces can affect antibodies. The oral levo is fine but, as you say, really expensive. If you have more success than me with this quest please message me with any leads, as I am really upset at having to take lactose every day. Thanks

  • Does it say on the ingredients that it has a Gluten in?

    I have never had a problem and I can't tolerate Gluten

  • Jessiepup, I believe all UK meds are gluten free.

  • Thanks - confused by post

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