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Lactose free Levothyroxine?

Hello everyone, I am lactose intolerant, is there a brand of Lebothyroxine I can take that doesn't contain lactose? I'm also sensitive to corn starch amongst a few other things. Does anyone know how I can find out some possible brands that are lactose free so I can see what other ingredients are in the tablets?

Thanks for your help! I've been feeling ill (worse when diagnosed) for about 6 years on Levothyroxine & I didn't realise that I was lactose intolerant until a couple of years ago & didn't think to check my thyroid mesds!!! 😕

P.S. I tried NDT on many occasions & none of the brands worked for me. I guess NDT either doesn't suit me or perhaps these also contain lactose? I also had problems when I took T3 & tried this many times too. I'm at my most stable when on T4 only.

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Click on each med for details of ingredients .


NDT Ingredients


Thank you Radd, I will take a look! X



If your GP will specify Lactose-free Levothyroxine on your prescription your pharmacist can source it from Germany via Aliud or Henning (details in the link Radd posted). If not, you can use your NHS prescription to buy from Aliud or Henning but you will have to pay for it.


Thank you Clutter, can't believe I've missed the lactose element! Thank you so much for this info. I will book in to discuss with my GP early next week. X


I had exactly the same issue - it had never occurred to me to check the Levo. My doctor refused to even think about prescribing without fillers ('it is such a small amount it can't be relevant') so I am looking for other alternatives that are hypoallergenic and will hopefully give a better result than T4 alone. Gps are way behind the curve re intolerance/sensitivity and even basic dietary considerations. Good luck!


Try getting your doc to prescribe liquid thyroxine.


Have you tired taking some bio live yoghurt at the same time as the tablets? It can help break down the lactose in some people-it does wonders for me.


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