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Nerve issues, burning mouth and tests to ask for

Hello. These are follow up questions to your very helpful comments a month or so ago. I was told had low TSH 18 months ago and then found a lump in neck. I had an appointment with an ENT consultant in OCtober who sent me for scan and biopsy in November. At scan I was told that it looked like large

multi-nodular goitre. I have now had an appointment to see ENT consultant at end of January, so assume they didn't find anything like cancer. I have asked for a print out of my last blood results which shows TSH (KJ) of 0.11 (abnormal) and TF4 previously 15.5 and now 17.4. I would like to ask for the full range of thyroid tests based on recommendations on this site (for thyroid antibodies and also for vitamins etc as I have also been getting acid reflux) but I am worried that the ENT consultant would only be interested in the "lump". Should I wait until I have seen him, or should I get an appointment with my GP to ask for the full range of tests before then? So far the GP and the consultant has said that there is no link between thyroid and reflux but everyone else seems to think that there is. The very unhelpful consultant who did an endoscopy just gave me a piece of paper saying "procedure was normal" so I don't have much to go on except to know that again, he didn't find anything that worried him.

My second question is that for the last few months I have been getting was I think must be burning mouth syndrome. It comes on during the day and makes my throat and back of my tongue tingle and/or feel numb. It used to be much worse though, when the reflux was bad, but I do think that reflexology and dropping grains has helped a lot. The burning mouth is still annoying though - and with it comes a tingling inside my lower cheeks (near corner of my mouth) which feels like it is a nerve ending, not acid burn from reflux. It is always in the same place. Is it likely that this could all be linked with the thyroid and reflux too? Various websites have said that it can be linked with reflux, under-active thyroid, and also with medication (I was on some horrible omeprazole for a few weeks which made me feel really ill and this when it all started - I have not taken anything except rennies for a few weeks now as even Gaviscon seemed to make it worse).

Sorry to ramble on so much - just a bit confused. Thank you

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I'm sorry you have been have health issues recently.

Re your 'burning' mouth. If Gaviscon and Omezaprole had side effects it might be that you do not have 'high acid' but low acid. Many of us on this site have had diagnosis of 'acid' and given medication but found it helped to treat as low acid. I too worse was on a generic gaviscon but have had no problems since switching to Betaie/pepsin or a good Apple Cider Vinegar one or two teaspoons diluted in water or juice.

This is a link:


You also say you have 'nerve' issues so have you had a vitamin B12 blood test? If so, get a print-out of the results with the ranges. If not get a blood test for B12 deficiency.


Many thanks - that's confirmed what I was starting to think. I'll work with the low acid theory and I have also worried about Vitamin B12 so will ask for a test. Many thanks for your help.


AliHy, it may be worth asking your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as Omeprazole lowers stomach acid and that can make it difficult to cleave vitamins and minerals from nutrients. Have a look at the symptoms of low B12 in this link

TSH is low when the pituitary gland detects sufficient thyroid hormone. FT4 >15 is euthyroid and doesn't indicate low thyroid hormone and FT4 17 is well within most ranges and doesn't indicate hyperthyroidism. NHS tests FT3 to detect hyperthyroidism and won't usually test FT3 unless TSH is <0.03.

If the biopsy had been malignant I'm fairly certain you would have been asked to see your ENT sooner. Ask your ENT about thyroid antibody testing but it may not be necessary if the scan shows Hashi type damage.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Many thanks - I was starting to wonder if I was slightly hypothyroid because that shows up as a feature of some of the symptoms I was having. A couple of friends have now been diagnosed with Hashis though so may be too big a coincidence if we all have it!


I totally agree with shaws... my problem was low acid and the medication was making it worse. Also don't waste time waiting for anything start speaking up


Thanks - I tried the apple cider vinegar last night when the burning mouth started and seemed to work - fingers crossed. It's re-assuring to know other people have the same problems and hope you are feeling better now.

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