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BUrning Mouth Syndrome

Has anyone with a thyroid issue, I have Underactive thyroid and on 50mcg levothyroxine, over the last 6 weeks I've had Burning Mouth Syndrome, it started after a visit to the dentist and having a five day course of antibiotics, doctor thought it was oral thrush, had loads of different stuff to try and help, had blood taken and thankfully all was well there, it's been a very worrying time, but seemingly there's lots of people suffer from this syndrome, just wondering how anyone else has coped with this.

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I found this

Have you had your B12 level tested?

Or maybe an allergy to something the Dentist used? Lots of us have a problem with the adrenaline in the local anaesthetic.

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Thank you Annie, yes had all my bloods done B12 was one of them and thankfully all normal!! Seems to be very common, although I'd never heard of it before! It's a relief to know that other people have it too, if that makes sense!!

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There have been several past posts regarding this phenomenon.


I developed it after having a tooth removed. It was excruciating and I still get episodes of it even now, 6years on. Although at the time it started, I hadn't been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I believe I already had it. When it was at its worst I found that sometimes chewing gum would help. Also, it seemed to get worse as the day went on. Clemmie

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Thank you Clemmie, yes I chew on Sugar and Additives free gum and that does help, your right it is excruciating, had all the blood tests done and they all thankfully came back normal, so probably just carry on in the hope that it will go!!!


Actually it was quite lucky that I developed it. Because I was spending so much time on my sore mouth, I noticed that several of my teeth had moved in position and when I pointed this out to my dentist he took so,e X-rays which showed that I had developed a cyst in my jaw, growing in between the roots of my two front teeth. Usually these types of cysts aren't discovered until they have replaced so much bone that the jaw breaks. So I was lucky in so far that my jaw didn't break. But yes, you just have to wait it out, dos,etimmetimes for year, I'm afraid. Clemmie



I had this together with horrid tastes and thick gooey saliva.

Guys Hospital has run numerous tests to try and identify the cause including ultra sound scans on r & l submandibular and parotid gland and others in face/neck area. Everything was normal.

Since optimising thyroid hormone and all nutrients, my burning mouth has lessened significantly, although I still suffer a few taste issues and the thick gooey saliva is still evident and very drying.

I have spent a long long time researching these issues and even had all my amalgam removed last year. I have found others in forums, etc with identical conditions but there appears to be no answers.


I was 'diagnosed' w this because consultant was at a loss. I was referred because of dry gums. My lips were sticking to my gums at night and had become a bit sore and metallic-tasting, dentist thought gums didn't look glossy like they should and she noted some striation on gums so wondered if it could be lichen planus. Consultant was, predictably, a bit of an @rse and it seemed to me burning mouth syndrome was his coded language for not knowing/caring if/what was wrong.

I've since been diagnosed w vulvar lichen planus but no idea if oral lp might be the issue.

I'm lucky that my issues were not excruciating and I don't mean to downplay the actual discomfort you're all going through, I just wonder about the legitimacy of this half-baked dx. Is anyone here receiving actual treatment for burning mouth syndrome?

As usual, I wonder how many people w this dx are of the female persuasion.


I had burning mouth syndrome last year, and the cause turned out to be a severe zinc deficiency. The zinc deficiency also caused my taste buds to go crazy, so all food tasted vile except for a few sweet things like cake. It even impacted my response to textures, triggering a severe gag reflex. I was trying to recover from surgery (the zinc deficiency also caused a failure to heal) and spent three months going between the hospital and a skilled nursing facility. After months of not being able to eat or drink anything, I was finally put on TPN (nutrition through an IV) to sustain me. I was finally diagnosed with zinc deficiency when I broke out in a painful crud all over my face, hands, feet, and other parts. I went running to my dermatologist and she figured it out. She got together with my surgeon and they dumped a lot of zinc into my TPN,. Within two weeks I was eating, my surgical wound was healed ( after six months on a wound vacuum), the crud was gone. It was remarkable.

Anyway, have your zinc checked. Apparently that is not something that is normally checked.

Oh, and Hi. :) I have been a lurker here for several months, but never posted before. You all have been a fount of information for me, so I hope this contribution helps somebody.


I have this :(

My dentist told me that it's due to my age (he nearly got a slap for that). However, it seems closely related to low B12 in my case, and was eased once I was given B12 injections - I always know when my next injection is due as my mouth problems start up.

I have also had a lot of gut issues and, amongst other things, have to avoid sugar. If I lapse, the burning starts up again.


Bit late just seen your post . I suffered for years with burning mouth . Since diagnosis TT pap carcinoma .

When taking levo only it returns but I find as soon as I get back on T 3 it settles completely.

I am trying to get sorted and will fight to get T 3 back prescribed by someone/anyone!!

Its a scandal , burning mouth is not my only symptom on T4 only.

Life is hell without the addition of T 3 which I source myself from abroad.

So hope thus helps , maybe sort your levels out


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