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Burning Mouth Syndrome??

I've just returned from the Drs as i thought I have Oral thrush, to be told I haven't and it's burning mouth syndrome, the Dr said medics didn't know why it occurred. After doing a Google search I've found one of the causes is diabetes or Thyroid conditions. He knows I have Hashimoto's and I told him I'd paid for private blood tests and they'd shown my vit d level is insufficient along with low ferritin and folate. He was more annoyed that I'd paid for my own blood test.

Anyone else have burning mouth/tongue syndrome?

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Many others have complained of a burning mouth//tongue, changes in taste//saliva or other strange mouth issues.

I have had burning mouth syndrome and an insatiable thirst, both of which have improved as I have recovered my wellbeing with optimal thyroid meds and nutrients. However, I continue to suffer with a weird thick sticky saliva issue that suddenly occurred after psychosis due to taking incorrect thyroid meds & glandulars.



How very unpleasant - both your symptoms and your GP's annoyance.

Presumably, you've checked out things with your dentist. And, do you know what your B12 level is?


B12 was 506 》725 reduce. My ferritin, and vit d are low so I'm supplementing.


Hi Bijourain I have had sore burning tongue and tingling round mouth before but it's much better since taking B12 and increase in levo.gps don't seem to know much about vitamin deficiencies and symptoms they can cause.


I had that, its awful .

Since thyroid meds after TT for cancer a thing of the past.

So best guess is the correct thyroid hormone levels (sort of) has put a stop to it

Good luck and hope you can get some relief x

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I read someone had tried Apple Cider vinegar in water. I tried it last night, as couldn't sleep, and by this morning it felt alot better. However, throughout tbthee day its gettingg worse, so ill try again tonight. Thanks 😊


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