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Interpretation please

I'm new on this site and find all the terms confusing but after my first post I was advised to get a print out of my results and one of you lovely people out there would help me understand them, so here goes.

Thyroid function value 2.10mui/L Range U. 0.27-4.2. Recode 442J thyroid function test, 442.w serum TSH level

Ferritin. Value 64.1 ug/L. RangeU30-400. Readcode 42rserum iron tests, 42r4 serum ferritin

Free T3 and Free T4 were also requested but basically it says only analysed at discretion of duty chemist.

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Others will reply also.

Any other tests wont have been done because whoever looked at your TSH result assumed you have no problems. If you are in the UK that's because the stupid guidelines say we can only get medication if or if ever the TSH goes to 12. Some doctors will prescribe if it reaches around 5 with symptoms. If anyone does have clinical symptoms it can be disabling especially if it is low in range.

You can also get a list of clinical symptoms from the left-hand side of the above link and tick off the ones you have.

Did you have a blood test and the earliest possible and fast?

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I had a full blood count as well. Can you explain what value,range and readcode mean. Thanks.


Hi Barb39

I must admit that it is very confusing when we first find out we are hypothyroid. All the terms etc are a new 'language' to us.

I have no medical knowledge myself and I don't know what the following means.

value,range and readcode.

I hope someone else more knowledgeable with regard to blood tests etc will respond.


Read Codes were introduced with the aim of applying an identification code to everything in the heath service. However it looks as if that particular system might be falling by the wayside (at least some is being replaced by Snomed - a more international-flavoured system).

Every blood test has its own code. (Though it is not always quite so simple.) In real-world terms, you can ignore the Read Code. Just use the name of the test.

Value is your test result.

Range is the reference range (or reference interval) and any result within that range is taken as "normal" - unless there are other factors that change the interpretation. (However, simply assuming all results that are within the reference range are acceptable is an over-simplistic and misleading approach.)

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Thank you, that has helped me understand


You might find my Abbreviations and Acronyms document of some use:

Though it doesn't even attempt to explain all the terms themselves.


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