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Shouldn't I feel great?

Hi everyone

I just wanted to get some advice before seeing my Endo tomorrow...

I am currently on 100 mcg Levo and 60 mcg T3. My latest results are as follows (no ranges on the printout!):

TSH. <0.02 Low

T4. 10.9

T3. 6.5. High

Hair loss has improved but I am still constantly exhausted, can't shift any weight and feel depressed. Aren't these results good? Why do I not feel it? I supplement all vitamins and they are slowly increasing, with current levels:

Folate 14.42

B12. 407

Vit D. 72

They didn't do Ferritin - grrrr

I am thinking of trying NDT next. I have been tested for lots of other things (cortisol, menopause) and everything else seems ok. Could it just be depression and being overweight that means I don't feel good? Surely if my T3 is good then I can't still be hypo? I want the old me back.

Thank you for any advice you can give.

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How long have you been on this dose of meds? It could be that it just hasn't been long enough for your symptoms to resolve, or it could be that you're on a little more than is optimal, which can also make you feel pants. Being on combined t3 and t4 really helped me but the downside is that you then have two meds to tweak, which can take time to sort out.


Hadn't thought about being over-medicated. Been on 100 Levo, 60 t3 for two months. Maybe I need to try 100 and 50 t3. Thank you.


Your t3 is a little high and your endo will probably want you within range. Are your temperature and pulse within normal range? Do you have any new hyper symptoms? Were you ever on levo alone? Your other option (aside from reducing t3) is to reduce levo and see how you feel. Different proportions of t3 and t4 work for different people although there are guidelines. There is some discussion of that here: drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Thyroid...


Thanks so much, that link is really helpful. Temp and pulse are fine and I don't have any hyper symptoms. I used to be on Levo alone but still felt awful and had dreadful pains iny legs. Adding T3 has helped my symptoms a lot but it is tricky finding the right dose. I think I will decrease the T3 to 50mcg as when I take less than 100mcg Levo my T4 is on the floor.


You're welcome. Glad it was helpful. If you're not feeling hyper and have normal temp/pulse, as you say it may just be a matter of cutting your t3 a little. I felt very well when my t3 was a little high but doctors generally don't like it. Good luck with the endo tomorrow!


Thank you!


Kel8, symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a couple of months. I think you may be mildly overmedicated and reducing T3 to 50mcg should bring FT3 into range. FT4 10.9 is low in most ranges so I would stick with 100mcg Levothyroxine.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Thanks Shaws, I think I might try going down to 50mcg and see how I get on.


When FT3 is high and you don't feel well, something is wrong in that the T3 is not entering receptors. Sometimes that is a cortisol issue or reverse T3.


Thanks Heloise. I never really understand about reverse T3 - thanks to my brain fog! I will have a Google again though. My Cortisol was low in one blood test but then fine in the next so Endo said that ruled any problems.


Hi Kel, the doctors know so little about cortisol. The blood test only gives the amount of total cortisol but the saliva test gives account of the ACTIVE cortisol and there is also a distinction of how much and when. You need to have the highest in the morning and the lowest at night. The blood test is just not reliable. It's the first test in this article.



Might have to push for this test - or more likely pay for it myself! Thanks again.

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This test isn't done on the NHS, and they don't believe in the results. So it is one to get done yourself, and self medicate if there are problems.


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