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My Endo Paranoid

Hi everybody, had the most interesting and funny, visit to Endo to--day. This was my first visit to him in year's. My Dr sent me to see him because i am so under par most of the time even though he say's my tests show i am now at optimum levels, ( will post those after this ) he appeared to remember me which was quite interesting as i haven't seen him in 7 year's, and that then was because i had an overactive thyroid, which he treated with R/Active Iodine. Upon sitting down he enquired as to why i needed to see him ?? referal stated that i had a Thyroid problem, so continued to exemplify this by giving him some background history on when it became so underactive, and produced my resent results upon which he looked at me stupid and asked what my problem was?? my results showed that i did not have a problem so there was nothing he could do to help me. I then went on to tell him that i indeed did have a big problem when in fact it was very under four years ago, to which he argued and got quite angry with me stating that it was impossible for me to have developed an underactive thyroid ?? hello, is anybody home there, wow, what a stupid assumption and comment. He stated again that he wanted proof that i had ever been underactive. I don't have the proof i told him as the Dr never gave me the results she just showed them to me. He then commented that in fact it must have all been in my head and i am wasting his time, did i have the reading s in my memory, no i don't, well then you cannot possibly be treated for Hypothyroidism without some proof, as i do not believe you. Wow, it only got worse when he asked what in fact had i been taking if i had been taking anything for it. When i told him it was NDT, he hit the roof and went on to tell me that we are all Conspiring against him and all the other Endo's as NDT is in fact a waste of time and money and i am wasting his. Wow you can imagine how distressed i was becoming, a COnspiracy hey, thats the best yet, he also stated that he had been reading all our Blog sites and it was quite evident that we were conspiring against him and all other Endo's. My husband was with me and he burst out laughing, and i looked on in horror wandering what in the world was happening to make him so defensive and angry with me. My husband thought you may all find this quite amusing as my husband did. I went on to ask what on earth did he think was wrong with me then, ( i had to get something for my money ) to which he stated he had no idea, perhaps i was suffering from depression to which i answered that i wasn't until i walked into his office to which again my husband started laughing, and then so did i because i have had no proper sleep for so long and thought a laugh would be the best thing i could do for my-self. I asked his advice on Magnesium for sleep which again horrified him as he said he had never heard such rubbish and surely i would be getting some from my food, i then asked if it was possible i had Thyroid Cancer, ( i was desperate for some type of consultation, or insight ) he was again horrified that i could think such a thing and how did i think i would get something so horrid, that it would be impossible for me to get it ????? wow wow wow. "One flew over the Cookoo's nest to-day, and it wasn't me ) . I left there with a name and address of another Dr to see for CFS. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, better than nothing. My Husband nearly wet himself laughing all the way to the car with this wonky tired wife next to him, and every body looking at us. Hope you all got a laugh from this i just had to let off some steam. Now, the last test result, but before i forget, his last statement as i walked through his door was,, "Don't ring me, i will ring you " . TRUE. and no charge.

T3 10.6 Normal range here in Australia : 10.0 - 19.0

T3 5.3 3.5 - 6.5

TSH 1.17 0.50- 4.00..

Can anybody help me.

Thank you so much i am nearly in tear's.

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Oh wow, sounds like he should be put out to pasture!

Would you mind private messaging me the name of this endo so I can make sure I don't have the pleasure of visiting him!

Hopefully your next Endo is a lot more compassionate.

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Hi Skyek, how do i make it private ? not sure how to do that and don't want to put his name on here as he reads our post's. It is a funny experience,but also bad as i feel so rotten.

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By the way, my husband is still laughing even though it happened this morning before lunch. I could have kicked him it was so humiliating. I told this Dr that i hadn't lost my brains, and still my my intelligence but was unfortunate to be feeling ill phsyically , not mentally .


I can just imagine how much your husband would be laughing.... You will too once you get back to normal!

To private message just click on my name and then there is a message button.


That should have been had my intelligence



Do I understand that u went to eno with over active thyroid?

If so, this is what happened to me.

I went to GP with palpitations and shaking. I had always been slim and active, but it was the palpitations and shaking that worried me. GP put me on carbinazol, after blood test showed reaction so had to stop, referred to endo.

Saw him and he was nice, went through things etc. Recommend radioactive iodine, said no side effects, it would either not work, make it go under, need another dose. So after making sure that no side effects (and checking that wouldn't have any long term effects as had radiotherapy for cancer - not thyroid)I went ahead. He said it may be few days or 6 weeks before found any difference.

My sister is a nurse , when I spoke to her she Sid you may find u carry on then one day , bam! You feel like u hit a brick wall.

Sure enough after just about 6 weeks I seemed to come to a full stop! Went to GP put me on 25mg Levo, made appointment with endo, he said as soon as I walked down corridor he knew I was under active, said GP dose 'nursery dose' 😀 Upped to 75mg then after couple months and blood tests 125mg every other day.

In writing this and after reading your message, where you over active? Given radio active iodine? Gone under active? And have been put on levothyroxin?


Hi, yes i was initially overactive and exactly as you were feeling. I never went under until 6 years later after a bout of Viral meningitis. I went on Natural Dessicated Thyroid Extract instead of Levo. After four years of trying to get well i am fed up as i only have a couple of good day's every month then it's back to feeling like i am dying.


I also couldn't take the Carbinazol as it didn't agree with me which is why i had the R/A/Iodine. Was good though for about six year's??


☹️ poor you.

I don't think any doctors understand unless they have a disease!

Can u go to another endo?

As previous replies the one u saw needs putting out to pasture preferable on Mars!

You shouldn't be worried about posting details on any site, if they are doing job properly you wouldn't be asking elsewhere.

Name and shame!

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Since having radioactive iodine I have not felt the same 😥

All emotions, depressed, tearful, angry, hateful, spiteful, no drive in anything 😐

You name it and I feel it!

You should go to GP explain, say u want to see another endo asap as you need to get sorted in order to have a decent quality of life. X


Hi, i agree with you. Wished i had never had radioactive treatment, but if i hadn't he said i would eventually go into Cardiac Arrest ?? not much option when its put to you that way. He treated me like an idiot. I was also a Nurse up until i got meningitis so i do know what i am talking about, i let him know this. Thats why i said i haven't lost my brains , nor my intelligence. I have had patients with Thyroid Cancer, it is more common than people realise, so what a stupid answer he gave. At least i didn't pay for it, he simply stated no charge as i left. I am going to go back to my GP, he's away now until next year though so will have to wait. This Endo said i could take as many pills as i liked as it wouldn't make any difference ?? how stupid to tell a patient that .

Quality of live, yes, so important. Are you in the UK Jacdavey

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Don't you get fed up with people treating you like dirt! Just because you know or read up about something doesn't give them the right to speak to you like that!

I'm not a nurse but do have common sense and know when things r not right.

I do think that they put things in a way that at the time you feels you have no choice.

Your endo sounds very stupid to come out with stuff like he has needs strikingly off!

Yes I am in UK

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Hello recovered7,

I am sorry to hear you had such an appalling consultation.

I presume the first T3 test result is misspelt and should read T4? Can you confirm?

Your results look good but I don't medicate NDT so others will comment.

It may be suggested that given the anxiety, paranoia and insecurities shown by your endo, perhaps he is the one with the thyroid problem. Perhaps you should have offered him some NDT ! !




Hi Flower, yes, it should be T4. I was distressed when i wrote it down. I have to laugh now, especially about him thinking we are all out to get him, perhaps he is losing to much money on consultations.


i think the medical profession always treat woman this way. I depressed shouldn't say that really as they aren't all the same, but he really tried to undermine me and make me feel stupid. I refused to back down though and let him think i was prepared to just sit there and take it, that's why i told him that there was nothing wrong with my brain or intelligence. Why do Drs always tell a woman she must be suffering from depression, or stress. I told him i did not have a predisposition to depression, and that generally i was a bubbly type personality up until this Thyroid problems but he quickly jumped back to say that he had never heard about anybody having a predisposition toward depression, ??? he is quite ignorant

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On the face of it, those thyroid results aren't too bad for someone on NDT. So something else is happening and you need to find out what. For example, maybe your cells aren't absorbing the T3 properly.

Make sure you have your iron, ferritin, folate, Vit D and Vit B12 levels measured and that you get a print-out of the results. All should be well in range, not just bottom. A deficiency in any one of those can make you feel pants.


Recovered, FT3 is quite good but there is room for a dose increase, say 30mg, which may improve symptoms. Don't forget to tell your GP about the appalling consultation, he may reconsider referring patients to that endo.

As Rosetrees said, make sure ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are optimal. Hypothyroid patients are often low/deficient and symptoms can be similar to hypothyroid symptoms.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Thank you Clutter, have decided to increase by having an extra half every second day, will see how i feel after a couple of week's on that doze. My spelling has become dreadful do so hope this improve's . My B12 is great, not sure about folate as have never had this checked. Something else to follow up. Thank you all for your help, i do so appreciate everybody on this site .x


hi recovered 7, well what a day for endo's, i had a visit yesterday with one, he said i was just in range but clearly unhappy had i considered it could be CFS menopause depression etc my hubby said 'you are describing hypthyroid but just using different names and as all these symptoms started after my thyroid was removed 6 years ago, thyroid was more likely, it turns out he was the consultant who advised the removal (goitre)

He aslo said had i left the visit for another 6 months i would be fully blown hypo as my results are showing a rapid decline TSH 5 T4 10 T3 4.4 (i am on 50mcg levo) i am stunned at his attitude. We recorded the appt so he was very careful, he increased my dose to 100mcg (even tho nothing wrong with me!)

What really bugs me is the opening statement 'what seems to be wrong with you' errr have you read my notes, tests or referal letter 'yes but why dont you tell me' 9he hadnt)....well you are a thyroid consultant so take a guess buddy...i had expected him to have read my notes etc and then start to make recommendations, act like a dr and do something!!

my husband is very big lad and he was fair but stern with him. We came out an hubby was just speechless at how useless dr was, i told hubby this is what i have been fighting for years while getting seriously hubby is gob smacked he obviously not listened either in past but now realises just how useless the drs are and have no interest at all in patient health or well being. I was also offered HRT as dr said i seem fragile emotionally (this has caused great mirth among friends) i said i am not fragile im fed up of feeling ill....we spent a whole hour with this joker, as we walked out office my husband just said 'what a wa*ker'...says it all really.

The only upside was i now have a proper diagnosis on record.

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I too was told for the last three years I CFS by my GP

have been hypothyroid for 12 years on Levothyroxine I had to fight to get it raised from 125 to 150 but am feeling so much better and returned to work after 4 months sick .Also take vitamin B12 slow release tablets .

Stick to your guns and fight its hard I know but you know your own body best .

I have never been to the GP so many times in my life as I have in the last three years.

But don't give up

Best Wishes Rose

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Hi Rose, thank you so much you have encouraged me to do what i think i should. He ended up telling me more or less to do as i please but it wont make any difference, to him NDT is like taking a lolly, so go for it. That's how he saw the whole consultataion, as a bit of a joke. That's why he didn't charge .Couldn't sleep going over this in my head wondering what is happening to the medical profession that they can treat a fellow human being like such an idiot.


i am with you there, what has happened to NHS i had always been fit healthy strong and normal size lol 7 years after my thyroid removed my health nose dived and i became obese. I am so shocked that it can happen and they couldnt care less.

I now record my appts and i have noticed a big difference in the attitude. It shouldnt be necessary and think of the time an oney they would save diagnosing us correctly at the beginning x


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