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More problems with liothyronine

Hi, I had been feeling a lot better after self medicating with iron tablets, increasing my B12 and my vitamin D.

I'd been taking the same batch of liothyronine for 4 and a half months. It was quite old - expiry in Feb 2016, but I'd been fine with it. A couple of weeks ago, I got a new batch - expiry June 2016 and I'm really feeling ill again. Head ache, tiredness - not able to sleep, stomach problems, dizziness, shortness of breath and muzzy can't concentrate etc. All symptoms of being hypo.

This time, my usually helpful pharmacist was away and I saw a couple of locums both of whom refused to exchange my 4 bottles of lio with the same batch number. I've filled in a yellow card again - third time in past 15 months. I've increased the amount of lio I'm taking from 3 tabs a day to 4 and it's still not up to strength it should be.

I took lio for 11 years and had no problem with it's strength until Oct last year.

I wondered how people get on with lio bought abroad. Is it's strength more consistent than NHS prescribed lio?

I now dread getting my prescription filled. I never know if it is going to be under strength or over. No two batches are ever the same. I wondered if others are having the same problem or if I'm just really sensitive to variations.

I'd be grateful if people could private message me with info on where to get lio from abroad and their experience with it. I know it's going to cost me more to drop NHS lio but I can't take the feeling ill every few months and the weeks it takes for me to recover. I'm just hoping buying from outside the UK is better.

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I found the UK lio fine at first then, as you say, last year it went 'feet up' but after testing was told lio was o.k. That is probably a fact that the lio is o.k so it has to be the fillers/binders they use.

I changed to non-uk T3 and have been fine since.

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Which non-uk T3 are you using please? My daughter is desperate.


Sorry for the delay in replying. I take Uni-pharma T3.


Thank you. Where can I buy it please? Ging


Hi, thanks for your replies. I increased my lio from 3 tabs a day to 4 last Sunday. I have been feeling a little better, but this morning I am definitely hyper so I will have to reduce lio to 3.

Maybe the problem is with what they mix it with. But if that is the case, why change what has worked for many years.

I have emailed Mercury Pharma a list of my complaints together with the five batch numbers that have caused me a problem over the past 15 months.

If I get anything helpful back, I'll post it on here.


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